10 apps every pet owner should have

If you are a pet owner, you know that taking care of them means a lot. There’s education, health care, toys and gear, not to mention that they want to give them the world because they deserve it.

Luckily, there are a number of apps to help us in this mission. From useful training tips to vital emergency supplies to making sure our pets are entertained and happy, we’ve rounded up our favorites to ensure your pets live their best life.

Pet training apps

1. Good puppy

When you sign up, GoodPup creates a personalized workout plan that includes weekly private 30-minute sessions with a trainer, guided daily workout tips, and 24/7 chat capability with trainers. This is for dog owners who want to commit to a full-service training plan, as it comes with a cost — $29 per month. GoodPup offers a one-week free trial so you can try it first.

Price: $29/month, 7-day free trial

Available for iOS and Android

Personalized live training sessions for you and your pup.
Photo credit: Screenshot: PetCareNow LLC

2. Pupr

For dog owners looking for less formal training resources, Puppr is a good option. The app offers training videos, 100+ lessons, live chats with trainers and progress tracking. Lessons are also given by the famous dog trainer Sara Carson and her dogs, the “Super Collies”.

Price: For free

Available for iOS and Android

Screenshots of Puppr app features

Free training videos with the “Super Collies”.
Photo credit: Screenshot: Chin and Cheeks LLC

3. Cat Training

This app is packed with information to help you understand and train your cat’s behavior. Covering general cat care issues related to litter box training and litter box scratching, the cat training app is pretty skimpy, but offers good practical tips and tricks that every cat owner should know.

Price: For free

Available for iOS and Android

Screenshots of Cat Training app features

This app is simple but effective.
Credit: Screenshots: Gato Apps


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Pet health and care apps

4. First Aid for Pets

Created by the American Red Cross in an app every pet owner should have. The app provides step-by-step instructions on what to do in an emergency situation, e.g. B. if your pet is attacked or eats something poisonous. The app even includes instructions on how to give your pet CPR, early warning signs of an emergency, and a locator to find the nearest veterinary clinic.

Price: For free

Available for iOS and Android

Screenshots of Pet First Aid App features

First aid information every pet owner should know.
Photo credit: Screenshot: American Red Cross

5. 11Pets

The 11pets app seems to have it all covered when it comes to your pet’s needs. With 11pets, you can save medical history, schedule upcoming vaccinations and vet visits, and even track your pet’s weight and diet. Also, the account can be accessed on multiple devices, so your family members can also keep an eye on the latest information.

Price: For free

Available for iOS and Android

Screenshots of 11pets app features

A useful all-in-one platform for your pet’s needs.
Image Credits: Screenshot: 11Pets

6. Pawprint

The best apps offer a simple solution to a real, everyday problem, and this is one of them. With Pawprint, you’ll never have to worry about tracking down your pet’s medical records again. Just enter your pet’s information and Pawprint will track them down for you and save a digital copy.

Price: For free

Available for iOS and Android

Screenshots of Pawprint app features

Never look for medical records again.
Photo credit: Screenshot: Pawprint Acquisition LLC

7. Airvet

There are several veterinary telemedicine platforms out there, but we like this Airvet for the variety of options it offers. You can either pay a flat fee of $30 for a virtual call to the first available vet, or pay a monthly fee as an Airvet member, which basically acts as a 24/7 concierge service for your pet’s medical needs.

Price: $30/month or $30 for an on-demand call

Available for iOS and Android

Screenshots of Airvet app features

On-demand veterinary care at your fingertips.
Photo Credits: Screenshot: airVet Inc.

8. Animal Monitor VIGI

There are other pet monitoring systems like treat dispensers with cameras, but with this app you don’t need to buy any new hardware. With a one-time purchase, you can download Pet Monitor VIGI to all your devices, so all you have to do is set it up on your existing computer/tablet when you go. It also has two-way audio and video so you can interact with your pet while you’re away.

Price: $4.99

Available for iOS and Android

Screenshot of the Pet Monitor VIGI app

Monitor your pet with your existing devices
Photo credit: Screenshot: VIGI Limited

Funny apps for pets

9. Cat Fishing 2

No, not catfishing, but a fishing game for cats! Download this game on your phone or tablet and watch your cat swipe to catch the fish on the screen. This game is great for mental stimulation and to activate your cat’s natural hunting instinct. Just be prepared to clean the screen afterwards.

price: For free

Available for iOS and Android

Screenshots of Cat Fishing 2 app features

This app will keep your cat entertained for hours.
Photo credit: Screenshot: Nestle Purina Petcare

10. BarkHappy

It’s social media for dog people. With BarkHappy you can search for dog-friendly restaurants, shops, hotels, etc. and connect with other dog owners nearby. You can also send notifications to other users in case of a lost or found dog.

price: For free

Available for iOS and Android

BarkHappy app screenshots

Appointments for your dog.
Photo credit: Screenshot: BarkHappy Inc.

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