10 hidden places only experts found

Ubisofts Far Cry 6 may be the greatest game in the series yet, and the reason for that is simple. The game does everything that made it older Far away Play well but add new stuff to the mix. Far Cry 6 was released on October 7, 2021 and has received a lot of praise. Because it is one of the largest Far away Games of all time, there is plenty to discover on the fictional island of Yara.

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There are tons of Easter eggs, fun ways to play, and most importantly, unique locations throughout the game. Let’s take a look at some of the places people can discover while playing the game. Warning: this contains minor spoilers.

Mesozoic Era Park

Far Cry 6 - 10 Hidden Places Only Experts Found - Jurassic Park Location

It seems like Ubisoft honored the great Steven Spielberg by developing his version of Jurassic Park in Far Cry 6. Mesozoic Park is a place in Yara that is very similar to the park gate from the famous movie.

Another thing that makes him directly related to film is his name. The Mesozoic era refers to the epoch that includes the Jurassic period. Hence the in-game park is more or less the same. The easiest way to find the location is to talk to Lola and play the special operation called “Mesozoico”. Players will be amazed by the attention to detail.

A real ghost cemetery

Far Cry 6 - 10 Hidden Places Only Experts Find - Ghost Story Location

There’s a ghost in there Far Cry 6, and players can find it in the Santo Amaro Cemetery. There is a mausoleum in this location where players will find a note telling them to come to the area at night. If done right, players will discover a ghost that leads them to solve a mystery.

Following the ghost leads players to another note telling them to go west of Casa Dario. No spoilers, but an interesting surprise awaits in the area. This encounter is one of the best short side stories in Far Cry 6.

Far from Yara

Far Cry 6 X Hidden Locations Only experts found - Beach far away from Yara Location

Like the last two games Far Cry 6 gives players the option to finish it within the first few minutes. Players must complete the Libertad Rises mission and get to the cutscene by boat.

Once reached, players can sail their ship to the edge of Yara’s map, unlocking the hidden ending. Although this location is not fully accessible, it is a secret location that players can trigger through a cutscene. Dani Rojas sits on the beach outside of Yara in the cutscene and drinks ice cold beer while the news suggests that the war is over.

Boomer’s location

Far Cry 6 - 10 Hidden Places Only Experts Found - Far Cry 5's Boomer

Believe it or not, Boomer’s player-favorite Far Cry 5 returns in the sixth game. The beloved companion is easy to find as soon as players access the “Boom or Bust” mission, where they find a note that says, “A mad American paid us to ship the dog”.

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The note also pertains to a shipping container that contains boomers. Now all you have to do is reach the crate and free your dog. After the dog is released, Dani will call it “Boom-Boom”, a clear reference to its old name “Boomer”.

Location of Brugmansia

Far Cry 6 - 10 Hidden Places Only Experts Find - Far Cry 5's Flower's Location

Boomer isn’t the only one Far Cry 5 Reference in the sixth game, because in the Far Cry 6 as. Players can find and interact with the hallucinogenic flower in the mission “The Seeds of Love” on a table.

After that, it triggers hallucinations similar to the last game. Players will see a woman dance comparable to Joseph Seed’s sister, Faith Seed. It’s hard to tell if it’s the same woman, but their gestures are pretty similar. It’s also interesting to see that the flower made it to Yara.

Jason Brody’s corpse?

Far Cry 6-10 - Hidden Places Only Experts Find - Jason Brody's Corpse

With a few answers Far Cry 6 also brought some new questions with it. Especially in connection with Far Cry 3is the apparent death of Jason Brody. Although it is not certain that it is Jason, the corpse is very similar to him.

Players can easily visit this location right after landing on the beach. The body is on the beach and has a similar blue shirt and cargo pants. The only thing extremely wrong is the lack of tattoos. But is it possible Jason never got a tattoo and imagined everything that happened? Far Cry 3?

Far Cry 6 - 10 hidden locations, only experts found - Starlink Battle For Atlas Location

Ubisoft referred to another game in Far Cry 6, and this time it is Starlink: Battle for Atlas. To visit this place, players must be on the treasure hunt “Cache Money” and enter the bunker in Aguas Lindas.

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In this bunker there is a room with a note about the not so famous Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Right next to the message is a real replica of a ship from the game.

Head in the sand

Far Cry 6 - 10 Hidden Places Only Experts Find - Far Cry 3 Head in the Sand

Most Far Cry 3 Players will remember Vaas’ famous artwork and his obsession with burying people in the sand.

That is also part of it Far Cry 6, and players can visit one such location near Corsario’s Cache. Players can search for the raised sand in the area and shoot the bucket to reveal the head below.

Location of Willis Huntley’s Dogtag

Far Cry 6 - 10 hidden places only experts found - dog tags

There is a hidden dog tag that players can find in the guerrilla hideout. Once they have reached and acquired the location, players can use it on their weapons.

The dog tag reads, “Willis Huntley, O POS SDA.” Not only does it belong to Willis, but later in the game, players can eavesdrop on McKay chatting with the man on the phone. Which suggests that he is still alive and well.

Assassin’s Creed Overlook

Far Cry 6 - 10 Hidden Places Only Experts Find - Assassin's Creed Reference

Far Cry 6 has a Assassin’s Creed Waypoint near the Cayo Seguro peninsula. It’s another attempt by Ubisoft to tie all of its video game universes together.

Not only can players visit this location, but when they reach it they will hear the familiar sound of Ikaros. There is also a carefully placed haystack just below the main location. Try a leap of faith, see if the physics of Assassin’s Creed in … work Far Cry 6 as.

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