10 Pokémon that would make the best pets, from psychic cats to fire dogs

One of the big issues in the Pokemon Franchise is the bond of friendship that can form between humans and Pokémon. Many Trainers use this bond to bring out the true power of their Pokémon as they challenge the various leagues to become the top Pokémon Trainers in their region. Others like to feature their partners in competitions or try to complete all of the entries in their handheld encyclopedia, the Pokédex.

Related: 10 of the Weirdest and Most Bizarre PokemonHowever, sometimes people just want to have a Pokémon around the house as a companion. With over 900 species and more to come with the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Later this month there are plenty of cute, thoughtful, and helpful Pokémon that could fit into a domestic role.



Alouette brushes her Furfrou's fur

Given the Kalos region’s obsession with beauty and culture, it’s no surprise they want to show off their creative expression through Pokémon. One of the most popular Pokemon for this was Furfrou, a shaggy Normal-type resembling a poodle. This thick fur protects Furfrou from physical attacks, but they allow it to be trimmed by someone they trust.

Furfrou’s long coat makes it ideal for trimming and coloring into different styles. Nine different forms are popular in the various Pokémon regions, dating back to ancient times when aristocrats competed with each other to style their furfrou best. Due to the speed at which Furfrous fur grows, they only last a few days, so it’s best reserved for special events.


A battle-ready Glameow with a special guest appearance by Gallade

While there are many cat-type Pokémon out there, none quite balances the joys and frustrations that come with owning a cat like Glameow. The aptly named Catty Pokémon has the ability to be very fickle and mischievous towards its trainers. When not being fed or cared for, he doesn’t hesitate to show his frustration with claws or a hypnotic stare.

Related: 10 Pokemon With Surprisingly Dark Pokédex EntriesProper grooming of Glameow will be rewarded with lots of purring and affection. The happiest Glameow will twirl their long tails like a ribbon and invite their owners to a special dance to show their gratitude. As it evolves, it grows into the large and muscular Purugly, but its coat is said to be even prettier than velvet


A yamper looking up as food is placed in front of it

This adorable Corgi Pokémon is very popular in the British-inspired Galar region for its energy. They love chasing moving targets as this helps them release electrical energy which they store in their tail, making them popular as herding Pokémon. It also builds quite an appetite, so Yamper expects plenty of food in return.

Yamper also possesses a unique ability called Ball Fetch, reflecting his playful and active nature. This means that if a Trainer fails to catch a wild Pokémon for the first time, Yamper will be fast enough to snatch the Poké Ball before it breaks. Although Yamper requires a lot of monitoring and space to run, it can be a very worthwhile investment.


Team Rocket's Meowth stands on a street with a wide open smile.

While the Cat-Scratch Pokémon’s title might be off-putting to some, there are many benefits to bringing a Meowth into your home. While inactive during the day, Meowth patrols its territory at night for shiny things, especially coins. This sometimes puts it at odds with Murkrow, where the winner gets to add the treasure to their treasure.

See also: 10 times the Pokémon anime broke our heartsWhen a Meowth trusts someone enough, they’re willing to share their coins as a token of friendship. However, if Kanto-Meowth still doesn’t do it for you, there are two other versions that come from Alola and Galar. These Dark and Steel-type meowths don’t share their treasure with you, but their different appearances and personalities offer greater variety.


Maame Muchmoney's Snubble, identified by her two pink bows

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and Snubbull is a textbook example of that adage. While this fairy type has an intimidating appearance, he’s actually very shy and will only growl to put up a brave front to avoid a fight. In fact, Snubbull is upset that most of the Pokémon are running away from them and would love to make friends.

So when a trainer adopts a Snubbull, they take the chance to show their loving and playful side. It develops a strong attachment to its trainer, which includes overcoming his normally shy nature to protect him from harm. Still, it’s best to keep them away from other dog-like Pokemon as they’re still not good at standing up for themselves.


A Skitty smiling broadly

Although most Pokémon are elemental-themed creatures possessing incredible powers, some resemble the animals they are based on more than others. An example is Skitty, a silly pink cat obsessed with moving targets. Often this is their own tail, which they chase in circles until they get dizzy.

Also see: Ash’s 10 Best Traveling Companions in Pokémon AnimeThis adorable habit and Skitty’s lack of aggressiveness make them an ideal companion for cat lovers. If its Hyperactivity is too great, a Moonstone evolves it into Delcatty and significantly mitigates it. When it comes to combat, it has access to a diverse movepool ranging from shooting ice and illuminating to healing itself and allies with a wish.


Gym Leader Olympia with her male and female Meowstic

First appearing in the French-like region of Kalos, the Psychic-type Espurr is an adorable gray cat that can be identified by its large eyes and down-turned ears. Raising one can be a bit tricky because when their ears are raised they can release a large, uncontrolled blast of psychic energy. When it evolves into Meowstic, it gains control over its powers and new appearances based on its gender.

Male and female Meowstic not only differ in their inverted colors and coat styles, but also in their personalities. Males tend to make better pets due to their strong protective nature, but females have their fans thanks to their assertive attitude and better offensive skills. Both sexes are ready to unleash their psychic powers when they or their loved ones are threatened, and the ability to move things with your mind is a great help when it comes to chores around the house.


A growlith that pants and looks cute

The partner of the Pokémon world’s police officer, Jenny, Growlithe is a pup who is known for her loyalty. This Fire-type will fight fiercely to defend its territory and loved ones, even challenging Pokémon much larger than itself. Its sense of smell is even strong enough to detect emotions, so it knows when to approach its trainer to come to his aid when he feels down.

Growlithe’s love of human trainers is said to date back to the Stone Age, making it one of the first Pokémon to bond with humans. This makes it one of the easiest Pokemon to bond with from the wild. If all of that still isn’t enough, then when you give him a flint, Growlithe evolves into Arcanine, which is big enough to carry his trainer and run up to 6200 miles in a day.


A happy lilipup

If you’re interested in a canine Pokémon but don’t want to deal with Growlithe’s fire, Lillipup might be more your style. This other Whelp Pokémon shares Growlith’s loyalty to its trainer and bravery in battle. However, because he’s Normal-type, he doesn’t get into fights as easily as Growlithe, and will back down from fights he can’t win.

Lillipup’s loyalty and usefulness grows with each evolution. As a Herdier, it’s willing to help its trainer raise other Pokémon, although the downside is that their new fur coats require excessive maintenance. Finally, as a Stoutland, he is large enough to act as a rescue dog but gentle enough to take care of human infants.


Eevee surrounded by its eight evolutions in Pokemon anime

Eevee has long been the poster child for Pokémon’s concept of evolving into stronger forms. This adorable fox-cat hybrid has highly unstable DNA that allows it to adapt to almost any environment. Currently, Eevee can evolve into eight different forms using methods such as evolution stones and a deep love for her trainer.

These options allow each Eevee trainer to develop their furry friend in a way that suits their lifestyle and needs. Some of them include the affectionate Sylveon, who hugs his sneakers with ribbon-like feelers, Flareon, who can help regulate the heat around him, and Leafeon, whose affinity for plants can help with gardens. Whether it evolves or not, Eevee is ready to shower his trainer with love and affection.

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