10 things you should keep in your car


The road can be an alternative to self-quarantine. If you decide to hit the road, you need to be equipped to deal with any emergencies you might encounter along the way. These few common sense items aren’t that expensive and won’t take up a lot of space in your trunk. And that could be the difference between getting stuck at the side of the road or just going your way.

Here are 10 things that could help you get out of trouble:

Tire puncture sealant

Some people take these things as a joke, but they work well on tires that deflate from simple punctures. A box of sealant can get you out of a dangerous highway shoulder in a jiffy. Look for a large box with a screw connector valve.

$ 10 bill

It will save your pride on a day when you have no cash in your wallet.

Cross key

A spare tire will be of no use if you cannot remove the lug nuts from the flat tire. But the hook wrenches that come with many cars are not big enough. Take a full-size wrench, sold at most discount stores or auto parts stores.

Spare key

Even geniuses sometimes lock their keys in their cars or lose them. Instead of humiliating yourself by confessing, buy one of those nifty magnetic key cases that hide a spare key under the car.

Jump cables

It’s amazing how many times you are going to use or loan these cables. They can be much faster and cheaper than calling a tow truck. Be sure to purchase a pair of high capacity cables that are long enough for difficult situations.

Flash light

These devices can help a lot in an emergency, especially the types that have an extra flashing light. Be sure to periodically check if it works and take a spare set of batteries just in case.

Tire gauge

At $ 100 a pop, good tires are worth maintaining. You shouldn’t rely on gas station air pump gauges. If you have a gauge, it’s easy to accurately check your tires in the morning before driving raises the pressure.


A few chocolate bars are useful if you find yourself stranded one day or have to walk 25 miles home after an earthquake. The same goes for a liter of water. In addition, in the long-distance hiking category, you must bring a pair of boots and an extra sweater.

First aid kit

In an emergency, having a first aid kit could mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major disaster. Check it periodically to make sure its contents are not dated.

Various for serious

Disposable cigarette lighter, work gloves, rags, screwdrivers, pliers, a few feet of electrical wire and duct tape. Having these 10 items is one way to have peace of mind on that next road trip.


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