A quick emergency loan

A quick emergency loan

When such an unexpected situation arises and we need extra cash, we can take a quick loan. Where will we get the money right away?

Szybka pożyczka na nagły wypadek

A good loan should be above all fast. Anyone who once needed money from the hand knows that. Of course, it’s best to have your own savings that we can use for a rainy day, but not everyone has them. Then the loan will allow us to obtain the necessary sum. We can go to a family or friends for such a loan, but if we do not want or can not take advantage of this option, banks and loan companies are waiting for us.

Then, when we need a loan right away, the best one will be offered online. We can get it even in a few minutes, without having to leave the house. After such a loan, we can go to our bank by logging in to your transaction service. We can also take advantage of non-bank offers.

A quick loan – in a bank or non-banking?

Basically, when time matters, non-bank loans are a more attractive proposition, but banks are also able to offer attractive offers, but not everyone will be able to use them right away. Bank loans on-line are directed to regular customers – then the bank prepares an instant rating of its creditworthiness based on the receipts and expenses on the client’s account. To take out a loan, we only have to choose the sum and the repayment period, and the money will be in the account shortly thereafter.

In turn, loan companies have a more widely available offer and can benefit from them more people than from bank loans. The upside is also simplified requirements, which means that more people can opt for a non-bank loan. In order to take such a loan, we have to choose a good loan company at the beginning – we offer clients up to PLN 10,000 – then we have to submit an online application.

The main requirements for fast non-bank loans are those with a valid ID card, permanent address of residence and no debt recorded in debtors’ databases. In addition, many companies require regular earnings, but we do not have to submit any certificates – we only write the appropriate statement.

How fast will the money be with us?

As we have already mentioned, in the case of on-line bank loans, the funds are transferred immediately – we do not have to pass any additional verifications because we are a bank customer. However, it is worth pointing out that online applications are considered only at designated times, so we can not get money late at night or on weekends and holidays. This condition also applies to loan companies – on their pages you will find information about the hours of considering loans .

In the case of loan companies it is also worth pointing out that waiting for funds may be extended due to verification and transfers – when they are interbank, they are usually booked for the next day. That’s why the fastest way to get a loan is if we have a bank account in the same bank where the lender.

Theresa Buckner