Abbott signs constitutional carry law in Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a comprehensive gun bill on Wednesday. The 1927 House Bill, also known as the Texas Constitutional Carry or Permitless Carry, was signed by Abbott on Wednesday and goes into effect September 1st.

Beginning September 1, Texans 21 and over who are legally allowed to own a firearm will be able to carry that firearm without a license to carry it. Abbott had previously said on the Chad Hasty Show that they were hoping to get the signing done at a ceremony. Instead, the bill was signed on the same day that Governor Abbott provided more details about the border wall plan.

It wasn’t an easy path for Constitutional Carry in Texas. The topic had been defeated again and again in the previous sessions. In that session, few thought she would make it to the finish line. The House of Representatives first passed the constitutional carryover regime and then sent the legislation to a Senate that was not fully on board. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick met with law enforcement and senators to see if they could work out a language that could be added as amendments. These changes were accepted and incorporated into the final language of the bill, according to the Texas Tribune.

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