According to Ranker, the 10 best blue Pokemon

One of the most appealing aspects of the series, which has been dear to fans for over 25 years, is the actual design of the Pokémon. Powerful or weak, monstrous or adorable, the Pokémon world has it all. And their color is sometimes the basis of these designs.

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Because blue is often the color of Water and Ice types, they’re some of the best blue Pokemon, but there are exceptions. Ranker users have voted on their favorite blue Pokémon, with hundreds of fan votes coming in to come to the right conclusion on which cool pocket monsters are the biggest of them all.

10 Articuno

Pokemon Articuno

One of Kanto’s three legendary birds, Articuno was one of the first legendary Pokémon available to fans. The dungeon puzzles to catch the legendary birds in Generation 1 set the template for legendary Pokemon battles for years to come, especially those that weren’t part of the main storylines.

Articuno was also featured in the film Pokemon the movie 2000 Side by side with the other birds in one of the more exciting and action-packed Pokémon adventures as well as in Pokemon: Battle Frontiers where Frontier Brain Noland’s captive Articuno fought Ash’s Charizard.

9 Glacial

A Glaceon in the Pokémon anime

Evolved forms of Eevee are generally popular, and Glaceon was no exception. The Generation 4 additions were just as popular as the original trio, and the quest to obtain a Glaceon kept many trainers busy on their adventures in diamond & pearl and their remakes in 2021.

Glaceon has many brief appearances in the anime, most notably as a member of May’s team upon her return during the Diamond & Pearl run. A more prominent role could have been fun for the Mon as it was relatively unexplored.


8th salamander

Legendary pseudo-Pokemon are some of the best-designed Pokemon of any generation, and it’s rare for a team to endure without a Garchomp or Tyranitar, or in the Hoenn region without a Salamence. Like Glaceon in Gen 4, catching a Bagon in Gen 3 was a late endeavor, so reserving a spot for the powerful Dragon-type can be difficult.

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Salamence had a significant supporting role in the film Pokémon: Jirachi – Wish Maker He is also the leading member of Drake’s Elite Four roster. Drake’s Salamence is one of the strongest enemies with a variety of different attack types.

7 lux

Pokemon Luxray is a deadly cat

When you leave the town of Sandgem with the first set of Poké Balls in a Gen 4 game or remake, there are only a few Pokemon available, including Shinx. While it doesn’t seem like it makes sense for the first few Studio Heads, it’s worth the wait to hold on to Shinx and train him to evolve into Luxray.

Luxray is one of the best-designed Pokemon and most powerful Electric-types in the game. The mon is particularly useful against Crasher Wakes Gyrados, which is very powerful, and its combined water/flying nature otherwise makes it very difficult, making Luxray a key component for a Sinnoh team.

6 Greninja


The Gen 6 Water-type starter caused quite a stir in the Pokémon community and became one of the most popular starter picks. Greninja just looks and is amazing and even deserves a place in it Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Not many Pokémon can say that about themselves.

A water type can take up many gyms X & Y Difficult as there are very few enemies weak for this type, but for fans who prefer style over efficiency, Greninja is a solid pick.

5 blastoise

Blastoise in the Pokémon animated series

Being on the cover of one of the first two Pokemon games ever cements Blastoise as one of the greats. After 25 years and no matter how popular Charizard becomes, you have to make a start Red Blue or one of the remakes will be a toss-up.

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fans of the original Pokemon Anime runs will well remember Blastoise Evolution’s lineup with the Squirtle Squad and the legendary rivalry between Garys Blastoise and Ash’s Charizard exploded in their epic battle in the Orange Island Tournament.

4 Suicune

Suicune Pokémon

Legendary Pokémon are often mystical, but Suicune is one of the few that just feels like a majestic, mythological sighting. Capture a Suicune Pokemon Crystal was a huge hit, as was the Generation 4 games when the legendary Johto beasts roamed the lands of Sinnoh.

Suicune has also made an impression on the fans Pokemon 4 Ever, because watching Ash mount and ride the legendary hound was a truly epic experience. Suicune’s design feels like it’s straight out of a Studio Ghibli film, heavily inspired by Japanese mythology.

3 gyrados

As with Charizard, Gyrados is a non-dragon type dragon, which should probably be a dragon type. But alas, the sea dragon is still one of the most monstrous and iconic Pokémon out there. His evolution method is perhaps the most amazing aspect of the Mon, as the almost useless Magikarp only needs to reach level 20 to become the Titan Gyrados.

Gyrados filled the early anime series with many memories including Red Gyrados being captured by Lance. The plot is an essential part of the gold & Silver games and their remakes, and Gyrados was also one of Misty’s most powerful Pokémon in the series.

2 lapras

One of the most graceful Pokemon, Lapras is known less for being a formidable fighter and more for its helpful mode of locomotion. The idea of ​​traveling the seas with a trusty Pokémon is so enticing that Lapras has become popular alongside the surfing travel move.

Lapras that Ash and his team carry around the Orange Islands have become an iconic look, and many adventurers want one on their team to emulate the idea. Lapras can also be a solid contender for a lineup in games.

1 Luke

Professor Kukuis Lucario in a battle in the Pokemon anime

Lucario’s fighting and Steel combo has resulted in some pretty iconic Pokémon, even in a generation of games full of great designs. Lucario isn’t just one of the best Generation 4 Pokemon, it’s one of the best Pokemon ever.

The film Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew solidified Lucario’s level-headed, lone wolf persona as one of the most desirable team members in the game. Like many powerful Pokémon, Lucario cannot be caught and must be hatched and evolved from an egg gifted to the player during games.

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