Alzheimer’s drug arouses hope in patients, worries among doctors | AP Business News


Karl Newkirk hopes to start taking Aduhelm if his doctor gives the OK as he doesn’t see any other treatments worth trying.

“It looks like the only star in the sky,” said the 80-year-old Sarasota, Florida resident who has early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.

Newkirk’s doctor confirms he is a good candidate for the drug. While the retired technology consultant is still fit enough to ride a roller coaster with his grandchildren in nearby Busch Gardens, he is struggling with short-term memory loss. He wants to try Aduhelm even though he is aware of the drug’s limits.

Michele Hall, 54, from Bradenton, Florida, would also like to discuss the drug with an Alzheimer’s specialist at her next appointment.

Hall, a former prosecutor, was forced to quit her job after struggling with once-simple tasks like spelling, public speaking, and keeping deadlines. Last November she was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s disease by doctors at the Mayo Clinic.

Hall calls Aduhelm “the first glimmer of hope” that she will have more time with her husband and three grown children.

“When you get this diagnosis, you really wake up every morning and say, ‘Here I am, it’s ticking and I’m just waiting,'” she said. “Well, now you have something to look forward to.”


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