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According to a study recently published in the Veterinary Journal, dog breeds in particular – those weighing less than 14 pounds – are up to five times more likely to develop periodontal disease than giant breeds weighing more than 55 pounds.

Age, weight, and history of prevention are also risk factors. The researchers say that smaller dogs ‘proportionally larger teeth cause overcrowding, which allows more plaque and tartar to build up, and that small dogs’ alveolar bones are small in relation to their teeth.

Dear Dr. Fox: Were the very first living things on earth plants or animals? Or maybe they wouldn’t be classified as flora or fauna as we currently define them? – MDR, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dear MDR: In my long article titled “A Reflection on Animals, Nature and the Human Condition” (published on my website I refer to the assertion made by some evolutionary biologists that relatives of today’s cyanobacteria are probably the first living organisms on earth were who began to produce oxygen, which enabled the development of other life forms. I am referring to this theory to encourage more respect for all life: plants, animals and microscopic!

Without various bacteria, fungi, and viruses, we would not exist. Our ignorance, indifference, and hostility towards other species ultimately lead to our self harm. All life is connected and interdependent.


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