Animal lovers support Apollo, other dogs that the late Aquino left behind

Screengrabs of Apollo, one of the late President Benigno Aquino III’s dogs (The STAR / file photo)

Some dog lovers have expressed concerns about the welfare of Apollo, one of the late President’s dogs Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

Aquino, the country’s 15th president, died last Thursday morning, June 24th. He died at the age of 61.

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He was buried next to his parents Corazon Aquinowho was also the former president of the country, and Noynoy Aquino Jr at the Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque City.

Based on reports, Apollo was able to pay his last respects to his longtime friend on June 26th.

Apollo, the six year old German Shepherd Dog, was also with the Aquino family since 2015.

It was a gift from the lawyer and former head of the land registry, Galland Diaz.

During the funeral rites for Aquino last Saturday, some media also reported photos and video clips showing the dog being restless before saying goodbye to his buddy for the last time.

When these photos and videos exploded online, some dog lovers immediately voiced their concerns about the dog.

“It breaks my heart. I feel sorry for Apollo. I can feel the loneliness in his eyes. I hope one of PNoy’s sisters will adopt him as his master takes care of Apollo,” said a Facebook user said.

Others hoped that one of Aquino’s remaining family members would adopt Apollo and take care of him.

“It’s heartbreaking! May one of the sisters adopt him and love him as PNoy loved him most, “said a Facebook user said.

“I know that now that his Hooman is dead, he will be looked after by other family members, but I am so sad for this fur baby,” another user wrote.

“Hooman” is a misspelled term for “human” and is often used for pet owners. “Fur baby” is also another affectionate word for pets.

“Don’t worry Apollo, more people will love and take care of you while your master rests peacefully where he is,” another user commented.

In addition to Apollo, Aquino also left other dogs behind in a video report by DZMM, namely Fritzi, yakyak and Athena.

Dogs and their sixth sense

In an interview with GMA News, Staff. Sgt. Ferdinand Reyno divided that Apollo appeared to be crying when the late CEO was hospitalized last week.

After Aquino’s death, the dog handlers also stated that they had observed the dog’s sudden lack of energy.

There is still no precise evidence as to whether dogs sense when their owners are about to die and whether they mourn after their owners die.

However, some experts believe that dogs have a “sixth sense” in which they produce fascinating responses when a person is about to die.

A reference website on pet care called “Wag!” cited the dog’s heightened sense of smell and hearing as possible factors in this ability.

“There is a lot of sniffing and licking, a dog’s attempt at healing. You can also expect a lot of barking, howling, and noises for your dog to try to get your attention to what he knows. Also, watch out for lots of chasing, extra attention, and melancholy behavior from your dog, ”the page read.


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