Clayton Arredondo

Coexisting in harmony with wildlife: skunks

As the landscape in Newtown and the surrounding cities continues to change, wild animals will be affected and try to adapt as best as possible to their new surroundings. This can mean a wide variety of wildlife will venture into areas they have never been to – backyards, trails, and …

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Find dog missing in Bangor after Big Rig Crash

Authorities are asking people to look for a large fleeing poodle in Bangor today. Trisha Bruen, Animal Control Officer for Bangor, says the dog named Rocket ran away from a truck last week. Its owner, a foreign driver, suffered a medical emergency on the highway and crashed the truck. In …

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Bark & ​​Birch founds training academy

Bark and Birch, which operates in the UK, Ireland, Portugal and the United States, launched its first ever training academy to “promote local dog training talent”. The academies are run by a selection of the group’s head coaches who have been described as “some of the best talent in dog …

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