Blue-green algae found in Belton Lake, experts warn against keeping pets away


Many are ready to come to Lake Belton for swimming, boating, and more on the upcoming Independence Day weekend, but the Army Corps of Engineers wants to warn everyone that there are toxins in the water.

The Army Corps of Engineers says they found blue-green algae in Lake Belton that produce toxins. The same toxins that killed Delaney Presley’s six-month-old dog, Koda.

“I still think about it all the time,” said Presley.

Koda died after drinking some of the water in Belton in March. Unfortunately, Presley didn’t find out about the blue-green algae until weeks later.

“I can’t even bring myself to go anywhere near water now. I just want people to listen more than anything and not have the mindset that this is not going to happen to them, â€Presley said.

Belton Lake manager Joshua Brown of the Army Corps of Engineers said the toxins produced by the algae are harmful to animals and humans, but only if they drink it.

“What is poisonous is dead algae that have risen from the bottom of the lake, washed up the banks, and you would see matting of it on the surface of the water,” Brown said.

Once you know what to look for, says Brown, it’s not that hard to spot.

“Avoid those areas in the standing areas where it’s blowing and you look almost like a green color in the water,” Brown said.

Brown said while locals are on the lookout for areas with blue-green algae toxins, they should also be on the lookout for flooding.

“While the water is coming down. . . You have to give a street at least 14 days to dry out, â€said Brown. “Otherwise if we have this traffic [paths] The road surface is soft and can cause a lot of damage. “

Brown said they put gates and barriers in place to close off sections of Belton Lake in the event of flooding; and that there will be an increased police presence in the area to ensure everyone is safe while having fun.


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