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A very special bronco, Cowboy Kohl, died in the arms of the Closson family in Pocatello, Idaho on Thursday, August 26th, on National Dog Day.

Kohl became the Official Football Program Tee Dog for the Broncos in 2016 and was also the Bat Dog for the Boise Hawks. He was a fan favorite during Boise state soccer games when the crowd cheered “he’s a good boy” after picking up the kick-off t-shirt and running off the field.

According to a TK Hot Retrievers Facebook post, Cowboy Kohl, aka “Revitt Up Kohl Expect Great Things,” was enjoying his time on the Closson family ranch in Pocatello when he was sick. He was then taken to a veterinarian who found a cancerous tumor on Kohl’s spine.

[Photo of Cowboy Kohl retrieving a tee at a Boise State home football game]
Photo courtesy John Kelly

After 11 years of his life, Kohl goes down in history as perhaps the most popular tea and bat dog in professional and college sports. He has made over 500 appearances on local, national and international television as well as in features Animal planetwho have favourited Today Show and Barstool Sports.

“[Even] With all that fame, that’s not what makes Kohl so special. His personality towards people, especially children, made him a really extraordinary dog, ”wrote Kohl’s owner, family and trainer in a Facebook post.

Kohl’s coaches wrote that he would pass the torch on to his son and the new Tee Dog Blitz during Boise State Football’s first upcoming home game against the University of Texas at El Paso.

Blitz will fill his father’s paws as the new Bat Dog for the Boise Hawks and Tee Dog for Boise State Football. His other son, Ripken, currently resides in Raleigh, NC with his owner, Mike O’Donnel. Ripken was recently announced as the new Bat Dog for the Durham Bulls Minor League baseball team and will become the tee dog for the North Carolina State University football team.

Cowboy Kohl is remembered by his owner Britta Closson, his family, his coaches, his fans and all the lives he has touched over the years.


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