Border Collie sells for $ 30,000, breaking the breed record


Border Collie Cabra Glebe Big sold for $ 30,100 on AuctionsPlus.

A NEW South Wales Border Collie broke a record for the breed, selling it for over $ 30,000 in an online auction.

At the Guerie Golden Collar Dog auction, which was held on Saturday at AuctionsPlus, 51 working dogs were offered for sale – 39 sold, eight admitted and four withdrawn.

Among the multiple breeds sold, a casino border collie named Cabra Glebe Big led the auction with a profit of $ 30,100. Orangisers said on the event’s Facebook page it was a border collie record.

Salesman Joe Leven said in the description of AuctionsPlus that he had taught the dog to work cattle.

“He’s spent the past few months breaking weaners and inspecting cows and calves,” he said

“He has great power to stand up and uses squaring power on the head, he is friendly to young animals, but he turns it up on adult cattle.”

Mr. Leven kept part of the semen and a full sister to continue breeding.

The Cabra Glebe Big sale was the culmination of a strong working dog sales weekend when South Australia held its first dog auction.

Josie was sold for $ 29,000 at a South Australian auction.

A Kelpie named Josie, bred by the Victorian Alistair Leonard, led the first Lucindale auction – for $ 29,000.

The sale was part of a fundraiser for the city’s Lions Club – which saw 31 dogs hired, 29 sold, one withdrawn, and one handed over.

The weekend auctions hit a working dog record earlier this year, when a Kelpie named Hoover sold for $ 35,200.


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