Britney Spears’ dog was “near death” in her care as her father says her problems are “far worse” than known – East Bay Times

There could be a new twist in the #FreeBritney narrative that came from reports that one of her dogs became seriously ill from neglect, she had a violent argument with her housekeeper, and her father’s new claims in court documents that her “addiction.” and mental health problems were much worse than the public had thought. “

Spears’ dogs were returned to her on Friday after being stolen from her two weeks earlier, TMZ reported. Spears allegedly believes her father was involved in removing the dogs from her home as her restorer, TMZ and Page Six said.

“Britney wants answers,” a source told Page Six last week. “She’s been through this before. Her conservators threatened to take the children away from her. … It’s an all too familiar – and heartbreaking – feeling for her. “

Jamie Spears has beaten his daughter’s allegations that her conservatory was “abusive” or “sex trafficking”. In new court documents reported by The Sun, Jamie Spears said that “very confidential” information about his daughter’s mental health shows that she is “far worse” than the public thinks.

Jamie Spears references his daughter’s darkest moments in a 15-page response to her petition to suspend him as a restorer. The 69-year-old became her restorer after suffering a mental breakdown in 2008. As a restorer, he is responsible for Spears finances, careers, and health care.

In his 15-page file, Spears said his actions during his 13-year conservatory “saved” his daughter from “disaster”.

“If the public knew all of the facts about Ms. Spears’ personal life, not just her highs but also its lows, all of the addiction and mental health issues she faced, and all of the Conservatory’s challenges, they would give you praise Mr. Spears for the work he’s done, and don’t disparage him, ”said the document filed by Jamie Spears’ attorney.

Jamie Spears said he will step down as a restorer, but only when “the time is right”. He said in another court that the transition “must be orderly and include a resolution of the matters pending before the court”.

A new low in Spears’ life could center on the singer’s dogs, her alleged neglect, and her confrontation with her housekeeper, leading to an investigation into the battery by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department for misdemeanor.

It’s not clear if Jamie Spears had anything to do with removing the dogs from Spears’ house.

TMZ only reported that they were removed after one of the dogs became seriously ill and was possibly near death. Sources close to the situation told TMZ that the housekeeper was concerned that both dogs were dehydrated and that they were both being fed table debris, despite having serious digestive problems and needing special food.

The housekeeper took both dogs to an emergency vet, who raised “alarms” about their condition, TMZ reported. At that point it was “decided” that the Spears dog sitter should take custody of her.

It got hot when Spears confronted the housekeeper with the dogs last week. TMZ said Spears was upset that the housekeeper used her phone to take photos of the dogs, possibly to document her alleged neglect and send them to Jamie Spears. A scuffle on the phone broke out, with Spears “sources” saying she just pressed the phone, but the housekeeper told police that Spears hit her arm, causing her to lose grip on her phone.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department confirmed an investigation and said prosecutors would review their report to see if charges should be brought.

TMZ said it was unlikely that Jamie Spears told anyone to take the dogs out of their daughter’s care because they were “excluded” from what happened in Spears’ life during the conservatory battle. Jamie “is in the dark about what’s going on in her home,” a source told TMZ.

In his new lawsuit, Jamie Spears also seeks to distance himself from allegations that he has a direct role in his daughter’s personal affairs, including her medical treatment. He said another restorer, Jodi Montgomery, has been overseeing her prescription medication for the past few years. The treatment decision was made by Montgomery, Spears’ former attorney, her former psychiatrist and other medical experts, Jamie Spears said.

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