Canine-assisted therapy program helps children undergoing medical treatment in Malaga’s Axarquía

The dog-assisted therapy program helps children undergoing medical treatment in the Axarquía of Málaga. Photo credit: SATSE

The dog-assisted therapy program, offered at a hospital in Axarquía, province of Málaga, helps young patients cope with medical treatment.

The Malaga branch of the nursing union SATSE has contributed to the implementation of a dog-assisted therapy program in the children’s department of the Comarcal de la Axarquia Hospital.

In a statement released on September 16, SATSE explained that dog-assisted therapy can be used in a variety of ways, both for children who remain hospitalized and for those attending general consultations or treatment sessions.

According to SATSE, having a dog present during certain medical procedures can help keep patients calm, allowing professionals to more easily perform procedures like injecting insulin.

This project is the result of the collaboration between the team of humans and dogs of the organization Perruneando, specialized in dog-assisted interventions, the medical professionals of the hospital in Axarquia and the nursing union SATSE.

“SATSE will always contribute to projects aimed at improving the quality of healthcare for users and facilitating the work of healthcare professionals,” they said.

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