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Events from 9am to approx 5.30pm through Monday 23rd May at the school on MacMillan Rd.

The theme is Harry Potter, with the winning pup winning the Quidditch Cup next Monday afternoon.

A wide range of ages, races and abilities are on display.

“There are dogs of all levels here, there are some puppies. I think the youngest is about five or six months old and some of the older ones my 11.5 year old guide dog will be competing then we have highly qualified dogs preparing to go to the nationals.”

Spectators are cordially invited to join in and learn more about disc sports.

“A lot of very experienced players are coming this weekend, we have 12 certified referees, so a lot of people who can answer questions and talk to people about the sport.”

Young the Dog Sports Community is a close-knit group that, like many others, has not been able to gather for the past two years.

This weekend marks the fifth year of the annual event, which takes place over the May long weekend, but is by far the biggest since before the pandemic.

Young added that all of the dogs on the field are positively trained.

“All the dogs in the field are trained with toys and food rewards, and it’s all about having fun with our dogs.”

Visit the Nanamo Disc Dog Club website for more information about the event.

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