Careless drivers on Route 9 in Ocean County, NJ


This busy Ocean County Road is arguably one of the most dangerous in New Jersey. So why do people keep going down carefree?

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You probably drive Route 9 at least once a week. There are lots of cars, and with them lots of careless drivers (and some potholes too). It’s no secret that this street is not loved; You actually named this street one of the worst rides in Ocean County. So if we know Route 9 is insane, then why are some drivers contributing to the insanity by carefree driving on it?

I’m sick of the absolute weirdness I saw on Route 9 (and I’m sure you have). Limit, and the worst – text and drive on Route 9. This behavior is nowhere acceptable, but it’s even more frustrating when it’s on a road we all agree is difficult to drive on.

It seems like we hear about accidents on Route 9 almost every day. When will careless drivers wake up and be more careful? What’s the solution here? Does the road need to be widened (it costs money, doesn’t make people happy)? Do we need the police who write more tickets?

Negligent drivers, is it worth the risk of harming yourself and others if you get to your destination a few minutes early? Absolutely not.

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