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PayPal offers direct deposit for eBay and Etsy sellers

eBay becomes a payment intermediary just like Etsy, which means that instead of paying sellers, buyers pay eBay, which then transfers the funds to the sellers’ bank accounts. However, many sellers prefer the old method of charging buyers directly so they have instant access to funds in their PayPal accounts. …

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Home Security’s Chad Wolf denies intelligence reports on Russia and white supremacists altered to please Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump’s candidate for the head of the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday denied allegations that he had fashioned intelligence reports to suit the administration, telling a Senate committee that a recent whistleblower report was “patently false”. Acting Homeland Security Department Chad Wolf, testifying at …

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Opinion: How the coronavirus will change America

The coronavirus has put America on a war footing. Even though the president Donald Trump was slow in battle, the governors, mayors of the nation and industry leaders act in the same way as mobilization efforts for a major conflict. As with all great wars, this will change the way …

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