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Coexisting in harmony with wildlife: skunks

As the landscape in Newtown and the surrounding cities continues to change, wild animals will be affected and try to adapt as best as possible to their new surroundings. This can mean a wide variety of wildlife will venture into areas they have never been to – backyards, trails, and …

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PFF includes Tank Bigsby in “Best SEC Offense”

The hopes and dreams of any Auburn football fan hoping for the best season since 2013 are a collective burden for which Tank Bigsby will carry most of the burden. No, the Tigers are not expected to be contenders for the College Football Playoffs, so appearing in the National Championship …

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Experts warn of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” in raw dog food

Experts warn dog owners about the connection between “superbugs” and the popular raw food. University researchers warn that antibiotic-resistant bacteria are found in food and could encourage the spread of dangerous germs. Such bacteria can turn routine infections into potentially fatal situations. TeamDogs reports. The study was conducted at the …

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