Dog Experts – Dog Do Right Tue, 22 Nov 2022 12:49:59 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Dog Experts – Dog Do Right 32 32 From players “trembling like dogs” after training to superstitions behind the white jersey, Saudi Arabia coach Herve Renard adds to his legend Tue, 22 Nov 2022 12:49:59 +0000 Herve Renard spent most of his early years coaching lower-tier teams. He started out in 1999 at little-known French club SC Draguignan. After helping them to three consecutive promotions, he took charge of Cambridge United, who at the time were playing in the third division of English football. From there his journeyman career took him to Vietnam to train Nam Dinh. After a few months in Southeast Asia, he returned to France, where he joined fifth division club AS Cherbourg.

No matter where he was or what level he coached, Renard’s teams developed a distinctive style: for the Frenchman, possession-based football was paramount; When his players weren’t in possession, they were expected to use high pressure to win the ball back. To play with such intensity, he placed a lot of emphasis on improving his fitness, and wherever he went there was a shift in off-field culture, whether it was in terms of food and nutrition or post-field recovery To play.

While Saudi Arabia’s strategy of using a high defensive line and heavy pressing against Argentina was called “bold” by pundits, for Renard it was the most fundamental approach. The 54-year-old did what he had always done and would not turn his back on his style even if he risked a humiliating defeat in his team’s World Cup opener.

For a few minutes it looked like Lionel Messi put Argentina ahead before they were denied two goals and caught seven offsides in the first half alone. Some might have thought it was a lucky reprieve, but from Renard’s perspective it meant his offside trap worked perfectly.

The high-risk, high-reward strategy finally paid off as Saudi Arabia – who had only three wins in World Cup history prior to Tuesday – recorded a staggering 2-1 win over tournament favorites Argentina in Pool C lay down.

Make players “shake like a dog”

Saudi Arabia showed remarkable tenacity and fitness to first neutralize Argentina’s threats and then launch counterattacks against them. What came as a surprise to the world was routine for a typical Renard team. In an interview with The Guardian, former Cambridge player John Ruddy recalled how Renard made players “shake like dogs” after practice.

“One of the greatest memories I have of Hervé is the work rate, which he not only demanded of us but also showed in the gym. The pre-season under him was and is the hardest I’ve ever done,” said Ruddy. “Hervé would have us do planks for two minutes at the gym, and I remember shaking like a dog. All he did was laugh and call out, ‘Come on, John!’ He also used to do crunches for five-minute sets and was in exceptional shape himself. It looks like he still is.”

He did the same with the Saudis, turning them into one of Asia’s most improved teams since losing 5-0 to Russia in the opening game of the 2018 World Cup four years ago.

Tuesday’s victory was another stroke of luck for the unpopular coach, who has a history of turning underdogs into winners, particularly national teams. Renard has not always been successful at club level – his earlier stints have produced mixed results, while later in his career Renard’s Sochaux was relegated from France’s top flight in 2014 and was sacked by Lille after 13 games the following year.

But with national teams it was a different story. He is the only coach to have won the Africa Cup of Nations with two countries – in 2012 with Zambia and three years later with Ivory Coast. In 2016, Renard became Africa’s highest-paid manager when he took charge of Morocco, which he guided to their first World Cup appearance since 1998 in 2018.

Renard’s Morocco opened the season with a surprising 2-2 draw against Spain. That result pales in comparison to Tuesday’s overwhelming victory.

Not just the green jerseys that have struggled down the middle, Renard’s white jersey is likely to become one of the most recognizable in world football. The white shirt unbuttoned at the top is something of a superstition for Renard.

He told Espire how and why he started wearing the jersey during games. “We (Zambia) played Cameroon in the second game of the Africa Cup of Nations (2010),” Renard recalled to Esquire. “I wore a light blue shirt but we lost 2-3 so I wore a white shirt in the following game. We won and finished first in the group, ahead of Cameroon.”

The white shirt has been the Frenchman’s favorite ever since.

“Of course I’ve lost a few games since then,” laughs the Frenchman. “Maybe I even lost a lot. But I also won a lot. I like this style but I would say the weather has to be nice. When I was training in England, the white shirt wasn’t possible in December. Or maybe that was the reason why I didn’t succeed in England!”

Intel project in Ohio sparks housing fears in a tight market Sat, 19 Nov 2022 14:10:21 +0000

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Intel’s announcement earlier this year of a $20 billion manufacturing operation that will bring thousands of jobs to rural Ohio was hailed as an economic boon.

But behind this enthusiasm was a pressing question.

“Where are we taking everyone?” asked Melissa Humbert-Washington, vice president of programs and services at Homes for Families, which helps low-wage workers find housing in a region already suffering from severe shortages.

Intel says its first two computer chip factories will employ 3,000 people when operations begin in 2025. The project is also expected to employ 7,000 construction workers. And none of this includes the hundreds of additional jobs from the influx of Intel suppliers and the expected boom in the service sector.

Such housing issues are playing out across the country as companies come under increasing fire for failing to consider the housing needs of their new employees or the impact of major developments on already strained housing markets.

Experts agree that years of underdevelopment from the Great Recession of 2008 has led to widespread housing shortages. The country is missing about 1 million homes nationwide, according to Rob Dietz, senior economist at the National Association of Home Builders. The National Apartment Association estimates a rent shortage at about 600,000 units.

“We’ve built millions of homes over the last 15 years,” said Dennis Shea, executive director of the J. Ronald Terdlinger Center for Housing Policy. “So if a big company comes into a community where supply is limited, the demand they’re going to inject will affect property and rental prices because there’s more demand than supply.”

To see a big company’s impact on housing, look no further than Intel’s own operations in Chandler, Arizona, which grew from a small farming town of about 30,000 people in 1980 when the company built its first factory. developed into a high-tech metropolis with 220,000 inhabitants today. This has been accompanied by tremendous housing growth, and today Chandler is running out of buildable land, with nearly 95% of the area being developed with residential, office, industrial and retail projects, according to the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

Housing is also more expensive in Chandler, with an average home selling price of $525,000 compared to $455,000 in the greater Phoenix area and average rents of $2,027 compared to $1,950 in Phoenix.

The challenge for areas like rural Ohio is not having local staff to build or staff a large project, said Mark Stapp, director of the Center for Real Estate Theory and Practice at Arizona State University. There is neither the housing nor the infrastructure to accommodate thousands of new arrivals, which will drive up housing prices and potentially displace existing residents.

“It’s economic development. It will keep people busy. But you’re probably going to have to bring a lot of people to the area,” he said. And “these jobs require housing.”

“If you don’t see that and plan infrastructure and land use policies properly and manage that growth, it can become a huge problem. The big opportunity turns into a big problem.”

In central Ohio, the Intel site rises on hundreds of acres of rural land once occupied by fields and humble homes, where large commercial areas have also sprung up near major thoroughfares. The region has averaged about 8,200 building permits per year for both single-family and multi-family homes, though estimates of job and population growth prior to the Intel project required more than double that, according to the Building Industry Association of Central Ohio.

“We don’t build enough of anything,” said the group’s chief executive, Jon Melchi. Central Ohio, with a population of about 2.4 million today, will grow to at least 3 million by 2050, the group said.

Central Ohio’s shortage includes the “missing middle” of workers’ housing, or homes worth up to $250,000, said Tre’ Giller, CEO and president of Metro Development, one of Ohio’s largest housing developers. A recent Zillow search showed only about 570 listings for homes worth $250,000 or less in the area.

Housing pressure is particularly strong for low-income earners. Central Ohio already has about 71,000 households that are considered “heavily rent-burdened” — families that spend more than half of their income on housing, the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio said. It said there were only 34 affordable units for 100 low-rent households in the region.

The problem is even more serious in Licking County, the location of the future Intel plants, where more than one in five tenants is considered to be heavily rent-burdened.

Affordable housing is critical for the low-wage workers who keep the economy running, from preschool teachers to medical assistants, said COHIO chief executive Amy Riegel. But housing also needs to be viewed on a spectrum: Without enough high-quality properties to buy, buyers will snap up rents, which then shuts out workers with limited funds.

“Housing is definitely an ecosystem,” said Riegel. “If you add apartments on one end and don’t bother with the other end, there will be repercussions and a ripple effect throughout the system.”

In the Nov. 8 vote, Columbus voters approved a $200 million bond issue aimed at increasing the city’s affordable housing stock for homeowners making less than $50,000 a year. “We just don’t have enough space for people to live in,” Mayor Andrew Ginther said when announcing the issue in July.

Janna Sharrett is thankful for her apartment in an affordable condominium complex in suburban Columbus as the region prepares for Intel’s arrival and its impact on the real estate market. The 60-year-old customer service representative works from home and makes just $14.94 an hour. Her rent for the one-bedroom apartment she shares with her dog Bella and cat Daisy is $695.

The $6.5 million, 28-unit building in which Sharrett resides was developed by Homeport, a Columbus-based nonprofit dedicated to expanding affordable housing. Sharrett moved in two years ago to recover from a $1,000 rent payment and today isn’t sure what she would do without that payment.

She cares about the needs of people like herself as the region grows through projects like Intel.

“The rent is outrageous. House prices are outrageous. And my income isn’t outrageous,” Sharrett said.

Across the country, a growing number of companies are responding to housing concerns by embarking on ambitious plans for thousands of new housing units — though efforts have fallen far short of actual needs.

In 2021, Amazon raised its $2 billion Housing Equity Fund to create over 8,000 affordable homes in three regions where the company operates: Puget Sound in Washington state; Arlington, Virginia and Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2019, Apple announced it would provide $2.5 billion to help ease California’s housing crisis, one of several initiatives by high-tech companies. This month, Walt Disney World selected a developer to construct affordable housing on 80 acres of its land in Orange County, Florida.

Intel, too, looks forward to working with leaders in the Ohio community to prepare for rising housing demand in the years to come, Intel spokeswoman Linda Qian said without giving details.

Experts say it is in Intel’s best interest to help alleviate the region’s housing shortage. According to a report by the Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio, employers in the Columbus area are already blaming high turnover and reduced productivity on long commutes.

“Without the housing product, it can easily suffocate the staffing needs of Intel and others,” said Jamie Green, a Columbus-based planning consultant.

As the Intel project unfolds, it highlights the challenges ahead, said Leah Evans, president and CEO of Homeport, which developed Sharrett’s affordable apartment complex.

“This just brought to light that for every job you get, you have to have a commute and a housing unit,” Evans said. “You have to think about all these things.”


Michael Casey in Boston contributed to this report.

Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, transcribed or redistributed without permission.

Faster Than Sound: The former Spider House Cafe has reopened as Tweedy’s: Led by the patio experts behind Kinda Tropical and Hotel Vegas – Music Thu, 17 Nov 2022 06:11:45 +0000

Not Wilco: co-owner Brian Tweedy deserves the namesake of the Kinda Tropical team’s new bar (Photo by John Anderson)

Johnny Yakli was at a team meeting for Eastside Hangout Kind of tropical when he got the call that former Spider House Cafe building was present. Also co-founder of 13th floor Speaking of the bar’s original location, Yaklin recalls, “When I got back to the table, I was almost afraid to say it out loud because I knew right away these guys would say, ‘We’ll do this.'”

Two weeks later, Yaklin took over the lease with Tropical’s management team Hotel Las VegasJason McNeeley and Brian Tweetyalong with Yellow jacket social club‘s Amy Mullins and Shannon LeBoeuf. After a year working on the c.1995 campus hangout, with an eye on restoration rather than makeover, the team of Austin patio experts opened up two weeks ago. The new bar in 2908 Fruth is called Tweetys.

Before the official opening of the room, temporary opening hours are Monday to Friday from 6pm to 2am and Saturday and Sunday from 3pm to 2am.

“We jumped on that,” says Mullins. “We were afraid that another group would get it and turn it into a really sophisticated thing, and that’s not what Austin needs. We wanted to improve it, but not make it too different.”

The revamped building retains the dark wood interior paneling, while an extended new bar top opens up the former kitchen area. Snacks will be provided by the food truck, along with beers on tap and a wine and cocktail menu yet to be released Golden Tiger – who wants to set up on the large outdoor terrace this week. Zucchini Kill Bakery and Hello friend tattoo already opened in the renovated rear building.

“We’ve all been in town for a minute and we have our own personal history with the old spider house,” says Yaklin. “In general we want to honor the old space, be there for the students, be there for the neighborhood and also create a new cultural space that is very similar to what it was before – just without the asbestos in the roof.”

A new wooden fence runs around the property and blocks access to the neighboring music venue ballroomthe open-air stage. With separate licenses from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, which disallows the back and forth traffic of beverages, Tweedy’s operates adjacent to the Ballroom (formerly the Spider House Ballroom) at 2906 Fruth, which reopened last year under new ownership Arlos owner Chris Baker.

Tweedy’s property at 2908 Fruth was purchased by an Austin landowner Jimmy Nassur in February 2021. The sale followed turmoil in Spider House’s founding ownership Konrad Bejarano and John Dorgan. A 2018 timeline The cover story detailed the alleged sexual misconduct of Dorgan, who later sued the accusing former employee and Bejarano for defamation and defamation.

With new management that is sticking to its longstanding status as a daily hub UT Austin Students, Tweedy’s plans to eventually open daily from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. with coffee and tea offerings. For anyone worried about the patio’s lack of tchotchkes, Yaklin says the team intends to revitalize the outdoor space’s bohemian reputation. He says Bejarano already vacated the place after being closed during the pandemic.

“It’s part of the duty of keeping this space going,” says Yaklin. “We’re definitely here for them west campus Culture and its history – we don’t want to deny that [students] Access to this safe space to spend an entire afternoon studying and killing, getting a last-minute work together. Those are the memories people have of this place.”

Mullins says, “We just want everyone to feel welcome and part of the community.” They plan to eventually reintroduce events like Trivia Night. While Tweedy’s will not have a regular concert schedule, the bar plans to incorporate a music program consistent with the space’s history. They begin with bands playing at a grand opening inside in the coming weeks – surrounded by new decor made from vintage Austin concert posters as well as an enlarged photo of the velvet background‘s Sterling Morrison Leaving the former Guadalupe punk club Raul’s (shot by David C Fox).

The new bar represents a homecoming for McNeely and Tweedy, who helped establish the musical status of the Fruth Street property and formerly managed the cafe. The duo showcased their early-bird talents next door in the ballroom adorned with disco balls that marked the start United States Department of Arts and later known as 29th Street Ballroom. Both left the company in 2012 to run Hotel Vegas and later expanded it barracudaand now chess club.

“We’re just the current stewards of space,” says McNeely, stopping by during the interview.

Yaklin recalls, “When Jason and Brian were directing it in the aughts, I was here the most because that was the most active and fun era. So it’s full circle.” Among the five-person co-owning team, Tweedy deserves the namesake as the only Austinite native, as well as the only bartender with children. They also all agreed that it was simply the best name for a pub.

“We do a lot of this stuff, labor of love, trying to keep Austin Austin-y,” says Yaklin. “We’ve had so much success doing things the way we do them — that’s that crash-and-burn, 100-hour-week, asshole style — that we keep it going. We are a team now. We’ll probably do something else at some point.”

“For me, it’s always about the space,” adds Mullins. “It’s not like, ‘Hey, I want to open a new bar.’ When an amazing space opens up, you just see something in it.”

C3 supported Superstition Nightclub opens at Riverside & South Congress

The long-vacant site of the former male strip club La Barewhich was vacated in 2007 will reopen as a new nightclub called superstition. According to a press release last week, the 12,000-square-foot club will host “DJs and live performances with upscale bottle service and exclusive VIP rooms at the largest dance club in downtown Austin.” In addition to a Seventies theme featured in social media promotions, the club will also feature a smaller cocktail lounge and terrace the gold room.

The gray building at 110 East Riverside that previously featured a teasing mural Rolling Stones Dates in 2020, hosted various previous stores including a second iteration of the popular Sixth Street venue steamship, Sidekicks nightclub, escape club, Club XS, sunsetand Bad Dog Comedy Theater. The space has now been rented by prominent names in Austin’s entertainment industry NoCo hospitalitythe downtown bar Higher level and New Eastside Skinny’s off track bar.

The group is led by Karl Ferraro (co-owner of Hotel Las Vegas, Volstead Loungeand LoLo) and Paolo Soriano (Co-owner of Rainey’s Reina). The project also receives funding from Elevate Development Partner and C3 giftswho will exclusively book the club under the leadership of bobby tone. The talent booker previously told the news site axios The new venue will specialize in electronic music.

The press release doesn’t specify an opening date, but does suggest the venue will be ready for a preview this year. Besides superstition, ACL FixedThe creators of C3 Presents also recently launched a new two-day festival called Two level inn in Georgetown, Texas, following this year’s launch of FORMAT Festival in Arkansas.

Paracetamol sales restrictions fear teens could access stocks Sat, 12 Nov 2022 18:00:00 +0000

However, top-level bodies of GPs and pharmacists were more open to some proposals, notably reducing pack sizes and banning the sale of painkillers to under-18s in supermarkets.

Buckley said the key is to reduce household drug stockpiling. A survey of people who had poisoned themselves with paracetamol, conducted by the NSW Poisons Information Center, found that only 10 per cent had recently purchased the painkillers.

“People don’t go to the supermarket on impulse. It’s people who impulsively go to the closet,” he said.

Helen Christensen, a research professor of mental health at UNSW and executive director of the Black Dog Institute, who was also an author of the report, agreed that restraint is an important part of tackling self-harm. She was concerned about families storing large amounts of a range of medicines at home.

“And we are also working very hard to reach an agreement on restricting access to paracetamol for supermarkets aged 18 and over, as evidence shows it would reduce overdose among young people,” she added.

The preliminary results of a survey of more than 6,500 Australian 8th graders conducted by Black Dog between 2019 and 2021.


“In general, girls tend to have more anxiety and depression, while boys use more drugs and alcohol,” Christensen said of the results.

While the survey, which has yet to be peer-reviewed, didn’t ask participants specifically about acetaminophen use, Christensen said it could be a question when the cohort is surveyed again in five years.

Professor John Skerritt, TGA’s chief medical adviser, speaking at a hearing on Senate estimates on Thursday, stressed that the regulator had “no preferred outcome” for Friday’s session.

“We’ve lined up a number of possible options to get feedback on this,” he said. “We’re not advocating any of those options, we’re trying to get feedback on them.”

An interim decision on the proposals is expected next year, with changes not expected to be implemented before the end of 2023.

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Beware of foraging bears in hyperphagia dealing with acorn deficiency Thu, 10 Nov 2022 06:05:20 +0000 New You can now listen to Insurance Journal articles!

Wildlife officials in Connecticut are warning residents against feeding bears, especially over the next few months as the animals step up their hunt for the extra food they need before hibernation.

According to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), in the fall, bears race against the clock for up to 20 hours a day foraging for high-calorie nuts and seeds. This annual power hog marathon is called hyperphagia. During hyperphagia, bears must consume 20,000 calories per day, which is 10 times the calories they normally consume.

Your goal is to gain as much weight and insulating fat as possible before winter. But it’s dangerous for both bears and humans when humans make it easy for bears to find food.

“Black bears should never be fed – intentionally or unintentionally,” said Jenny Dickson, director of DEEP’s wildlife division. “Bears, lured into a home by readily available food, lose their fear of humans. Bears that are rewarded with simple meals spend more time in neighborhoods and around people, increasing risks to public safety, the likelihood of property damage, and the possibility that bears will be hit by vehicles and killed.”

The state has already seen a record number of bear break-ins into homes, with 69 incidents this year surpassing the previous record of 45 set in 2020.

Dickson adds that bears have to forage for hours every day to find 20,000 calories worth of nuts and berries. But just a bird feeder full of sunflower seeds or a trash can full of leftovers can reward a bear with a day’s calories for less than an hour’s work, making human-provided food even more enticing.

The bears face a special challenge this year. According to state agriculture experts, Connecticut experienced widespread acorn crop failure this season. Autumn acorns are an important food source for black bears, and the lack of acorns this year will cause bears to seek other food sources, including food associated with humans, adding to growing public concerns, officials say security related to their continued population growth.

Connecticut’s black bear population is estimated at more than 1,000, and bears can be found in any of the state’s 169 cities.

As the bear population continues to grow and bears become increasingly prey-related, officials fear conflicts with humans will continue to increase. This is a concern because bears that are food conditioned pose a greater risk to themselves and public safety, and often cause more property damage to homes, cars, pets, and livestock.

Two months before the end of the year, DEEP said it had already recorded a record number of bear break-ins into homes, with 69 incidents this year far surpassing the previous record of 45 set in 2020.

Recommended course of action

DEEP has several best practices for residents to reduce the chance of encountering a bear that are available online at DEEP’s Living with Black Bears website. DEEP has also created a video that includes many of these best practices.

Rule #1 is to make every home and yard a no-food zone for bears. The most important step is removing food attractants such as birdseed and unsecured litter.

Another tip is to supervise dogs outdoors at all times. Dogs should be kept on a short leash. A stray dog ​​could be perceived as a threat to a bear or its cubs.

In the rare event that a bear appears to be aggressive toward humans, residents should immediately contact DEEP’s 24-hour emergency number at 860-424-3333.

Publicly reported bear sightings provide valuable information to assist DEEP in monitoring changes in the black bear population. Anyone who sees a black bear in Connecticut is encouraged to report the sighting on DEEP’s website or call the Wildlife Division at 860-424-3011. Information on the presence or absence of ear tags, including ear tag color and number, is particularly valuable.

Sources: DEEP and BearWise.

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The 2 best bets for Sunday, with Wizards vs. Grizzlies (November 6th) Sun, 06 Nov 2022 19:59:00 +0000

There are only four NBA games for Sunday, but there’s still plenty of betting value out there. Our NBA analysts Andrew O’Connor-Watts and Chris Baker have prepared two bets for the Cavaliers-Lakers and Wizards-Grizzlies matchups. Check out their picks and analysis below.

NBA Odds & Tips

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers +4.5
A book
fan duel
3:30 p.m. ET
NBA League Pass

Andrew O’Connor-Watts: I’ve been all aboard the Lakers fade train this season and been pretty strong with the Cavs, but I’m going with the Lakers today.

Cavaliers guards Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland are still questionable after Friday night’s win over the Pistons. But even with the two guards playing, I like LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the Lake Show to cover the +4.5.

Despite the Lakers’ historically poor shooting earlier in the season, they have a seventh-place offensive rating (114.8) over the past three games. And even though their defense has dropped over that time span, they still have a positive net rating (+0.4).

They’ve also kept their turnover rate low (12.2%), which they’ve been successful at all season, but in the last two games only the Toronto Raptors (11.9%) have a lower turnover rate.

The Cavs have been one of the top ATS teams this season, going 7-1, but the Lakers have dominated the historic matchup between the two teams since James joined the Lakers.

The Lakers have won/covered seven of their last 10 games and are 5-1 ATS in their last six games in Los Angeles.

I like the Lakers as a house dog to +3.

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Washington Wizards vs. Memphis Grizzlies

Wizard +9.5 (-107)
A book
6:10 p.m. ET
NBA League Pass

Chris Baker: I’m not a big believer in this Wizards team this season, but I think that number is a little high. The Wizards are currently 23rd in the net adjusted rankings and the Grizzlies are 11th and have been particularly explosive on offense where they rank fifth in the offensive adjusted rankings according to

Bradley Beal will be out for that event, but that should help the Wizards defense, which ranks 17th in defensive standings despite playing the second-toughest opposing attacking schedule this year. This defense is a solid unit, and they pair very well with the Grizzlies.

The two keys to defeating the Grizzlies in recent seasons have been defensive rebounding and transition defense. Memphis has an offensive rebound rate of 34.2%, which is an NBA leader. The Wizards defense did a great job blocking and limiting second chances as they rank second in defensive rebound rate. I expect the wizards to confine Steven Adams to the glass.

Wizards’ transition defenses were also solid, ranking fifth in preventing transition opportunities. Forcing Memphis to play on half-court will be imperative.

Finally, defending Ja Morant is one of the biggest keys to stopping the Grizzlies. The Wizards don’t have particularly elite guards, but they’ve done a great job protecting the rim as they lead the NBA by allowing just 28.2% of opposing shots to the rim.

When defense clicks for the Wizards, they have enough offensive firepower to stay close against a Grizzlies team that ranks 21st in points per 100 possessions allowed (114.8). Trust the Wizards to compete on Sunday night.

Here’s how to protect your pets from these Halloween dangers and fall hazards Sun, 30 Oct 2022 20:48:03 +0000

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Whether it’s toxic treats, constricting costumes, or fall activities, this season brings with it some health and safety concerns for pets.

Nexstar’s WKRN found a series of pet safety tips from Camp Bow Wow Animal Health and Behavior Expert Erin Askeland; the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA); and VCA Animal Hospitals to keep an eye on for Halloween and the fall season.

When it comes to Halloween, one of the best things you can do is leave your pet at home when you’re trick-or-treating. As VCA Animal Hospitals explains, the costumes, strangers, and sounds can be overwhelming.

Keep your pet in a safe place at home, preferably behind a closed door and away from the ringing doorbell during trick-or-treating. You can even help block out the noise of the holiday celebrations by turning on the TV, playing soothing music, or turning on a fan.

There are many Howl-o-ween activities to keep your pet entertained such as: For example, host a scavenger hunt by stashing treats around the house for your pet to find.

If there’s a chance your pet might sneak out the open door while you’re distracted by trick-or-treating, make sure they wear some form of identification like a microchip, collar, or ID tag.

If you choose to dress up your pet, make sure they have a safe and comfortable costume. Experts say you should avoid costumes that:

  • Restrict the animal’s movement, hearing or vision
  • Impair their ability to breathe, smell, bark, or meow
  • With small, dangling or detachable parts that your pet could chew off and choke on.

Let your pet try on all the costumes before Halloween so they can get used to them. If they seem distressed or exhibit unusual behavior, do not force them to wear the costume. Instead, just give them a festive collar, harness, or headscarf.

NNever leave a pet in costume unattended.

You should also avoid leaving your pet alone with the collected sweet treats.

All forms of chocolate, especially dark chocolate and baking chocolate, are toxic to dogs and cats because they contain caffeine and theobromine. These chemicals can have an impact your pet‘s brain, heart and muscles. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, changes in heart rate and rhythm, tremors, and seizures.

Raisins can lead to kidney failure and They’re covered in chocolate, they’re even more poisonous.

Candy corn and other candies made with pure sugar can cause severe gas and diarrhea, while bite-sized candies pose a major choking hazard, according to Pets Best.

Many sugar-free candies and gum contain a sugar substitute called xylitol, which is also dangerous for dogs and even causes blood sugar to drop to dangerously low levels, leading to seizures and even liver damage.

Even candy wrappers can cause intestinal discomfort and gastrointestinal blockage. If you think your pet has ingested something toxic, you are urged to call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435 immediately.

Besides sweets, some decorations and accessories can be dangerous for your pet. This includes counterfeit cobwebs, batteries, toys, power cords, glowsticks, and costume pieces that can cause choking, internal injury, or illness.

After Halloween, there are other fall-related hazards to be aware of if you have pets, according to VCA Animal Hospitals.

This includes items like mothballs and rodenticides that can be toxic to pets. Experts recommend using pet-friendly options or hiring a professional when it comes to protecting your home from rodents.

When preparing your car for the winter months, you may be using antifreeze. It’s important to know where your pet is because if they ingest even a small amount of antifreeze or any other chemical you use on your vehicle, you should take them to the vet immediately.

If you plan to walk your dog during hunting season and you are in an area where hunters may be present, be sure to dress in bright orange or another bright color to ensure you are visible.

Although it can be colder outside, vets say fleas and ticks can remain active for some time. Your pet may also be exposed to leptospirosis, a disease caused by Leptospira bacteria found in moist soil or stagnant water. There is a vaccine your pet can get to protect them.

Some wild mushrooms and fall vegetables like onions and garlic can also be harmful to pets.

If you are concerned that your pet may have encountered or swallowed something harmful, or if you have additional questions about your pet’s safety, consult your veterinarian.

Chow Chow Top Facts 2022: These are 10 awesome facts you should know about the popular and loving Chow Chow 🐶 Thu, 27 Oct 2022 22:23:21 +0000

But with 221 different pedigree dog breeds to choose from, there’s a lot to think about before choosing your perfect pup.

There’s even scientific guidance to seek out, with psychologist Stanley Coren’s book, The Intelligence of Dogs, which ranks breeds on instinct, obedience, and adaptability.

One dog that often tops people’s canine wish list is the Chow Chow – these bear-like pooches have a number of positive traits that make them a great family pet.

Here are 10 fun and interesting facts about the breed.

Deepfakes could become super advanced (and weird) thanks to these breakthroughs Tue, 25 Oct 2022 10:00:25 +0000

If you introduce yourself a cloaked dog floating through the clouds, or an astronaut riding a horse on Mars, you may think you are experiencing a fever dream.

But these surreal images exist outside of a sleepy daze: you can now access them on your computer.

They were created by Meta’s world-class algorithms that can turn any text into a (slightly) realistic video. Last month, Meta used these surreal clips to introduce the world to its AI text-to-video generator, Make-A-Video.

Just a few days later, Google showed two AI video generators: Imagen Video and Phenaki. These models are designed to convert text descriptions into short video clips. The longest clips are from Phenaki and last up to several minutes.

While these modern marvels are not yet publicly available, they could change the way we make art forever. So far, the models have received both criticism and praise from AI and art experts.

“The big commercial advances are pretty amazing, even for experts,” says David Bau, a computer scientist at Northeastern University.

The Phenaki Generator created this video from the “Riding a horse on Mars with the Earth in the background” prompt.Villegas et al.

How Models Make Videos From Scratch

This isn’t the first case of AI-powered video manipulation: In recent years, for example, several startups have figured out how to adjust lip movements to sync them with audio. It’s also possible to swap people’s faces, for example to trick viewers into believing a celebrity was in a movie they weren’t actually involved in.

And now the new text-to-video models can fuse unrelated concepts (like knitting, music, and pandas) and create a stunning end product (like a panda knitting on a couch while bobbing its head to the music).

“This ability to create novel compositions from such a wide range of visual concepts is new,” says Bau. “That’s what’s so amazing.”

Make-A-Video and Imagen Video belong to a group of machine learning models called diffusion models.

This Phenaki video was created from the prompt: “A panda listening to music with headphones and knitting a sweater while sitting on the couch.”Villegas et al.

Engineers train a diffusion model by showing it an annotated image or video and asking the model to sharpen that image. The model learns to predict into which images certain words on the screen could be translated.

To train a model at the scale needed for Make-A-Video and Imagen Video, engineers examined hundreds of millions of images.

Finally, the model was able to handle prompts. Like a sculptor slowly carving away a chunk of rock, a diffusion model shapes an image or video over hundreds or even thousands of passes—cleaning pixels here, coloring a shape there, reshaping an edge elsewhere. In the end, what remains is a reasonably convincing clip.

Phenaki’s creators also showed him millions of images and videos with accompanying text – but Phenaki learned which words in the text were important. That means it can take, say, a paragraph-sized narrative, break it down into a series of events, and turn that series into a film of whatever length Phenaki deems appropriate.

fall flat (for now)

Of course, the process is far from perfect. For one thing, text-to-video models are only as good as their (massive) training data sets, and it’s difficult to separate data from the biases of the people who created them.

The creators of Imagen Video acknowledged that their model is capable of producing racist or sexist content. In fact, Google won’t be releasing it to the public until the company addresses “several important security and ethical challenges,” according to the preprint.

Imagen Video may create videos that are “fake, hateful, explicit, or harmful”.

The creators noted that Imagen Video can create videos that are “fake, hateful, explicit, or harmful” and that it is currently difficult to detect and filter out this type of content.

Meta has remained on the mother issue, but a spokesperson said the company “will continue to explore ways to further refine and mitigate potential risks.”

And these models are unlikely to impress real artists. Compared to the work of real-life artists, the selected computer-generated demonstration clips fall flat. But that could change.

Real world applications

As text-to-video AI improves, some experts believe the stock video industry could particularly benefit. “Why would you pay a lot of money…to license an image or a video when you could just create it on the spot?” says Henry Ajder, an AI scientist and consultant who researches deepfakes.

Hollywood could also benefit from generative models. Filmmakers could use them, for example, to imagine what an actor might look like in a certain role, or to plan scenes before shooting them.

Eventually, text-to-video could excel at spitting out specific products — say, banner ads or simple animations in video games. For artists, this could pose a major dilemma.

After all, some art jobs are being outsourced to AI-generated illustrations, says Julian Merkle, video game concept artist at Beffio Studio.

“The combination of those two things seems like a fragile and undesirable situation.”

In addition, the convergence of art and AI raises unanswered questions. Who actually owns the rights to an AI-generated work of art? And what happens when they create media “in the style” of existing artists, which some models are already doing?

“There was no consensus before the rise of AI and there probably won’t be one after, although people seem to attack AI faster than artists,” says Merkle. “I think that’s a problem with our copyright system.”

On the other hand, text-to-video could put more power in the hands of individuals. Imagine a single person who wants to develop a video game.

It’s an uphill battle these days – independent game developers have to be skilled enough to create art, animation, cutscenes and text. But in the future, one person could do all of this using generative models

That’s all far on the horizon. Currently, large video generators are essentially locked jewels displayed in corporate showcases. That means researchers can’t investigate the mysterious workings of the models.

“To me, the combination of these two things seems like a fragile and undesirable situation,” says Bau.

An uncertain future

These new models could open the floodgates for more creative and dangerous deepfakes.Arman Zhenikeyev/Corbis/Getty Images

But the engineers between other AI art generators tend to be far more transparent. The text generator GPT-3, developed by the OpenAI laboratory from San Francisco, can write a poem or a text summary, among other things. Although not free to use, GPT-3 spawned a wave of open-source language models.

And earlier this year, the DALL-E 2 image generator met its open-source match with Stable Diffusion.

“For me, moderation is the biggest challenge with these tools.”

So anyone with a powerful enough computer (a good gaming rig will do) could download and tinker with Stable Diffusion or some video generation equivalent. However, this removes the filters that prevent the proprietary models from spawning objectionable content.

This could open the floodgates for more creative and dangerous deepfakes. Bullies could produce footage of attacking classmates, or bullies could produce explicit clips of their ex-boyfriends. “If everyone can use it, it’s not just celebrities that get attacked,” says Ajder. “For me, moderation is the biggest challenge with these tools.”

So while we may soon be entering an age of easily accessible deepfakes, we probably have a few more years to prevent dangerous consequences. “We’re a long way from hyper-realistic, not authentic, content on video,” says Ajder.

Macomb County vet has been charged with animal cruelty Fri, 21 Oct 2022 19:28:48 +0000

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. – The Macomb County Attorney’s Office has charged a Ray Township veterinarian with animal cruelty.

On Tuesday October 11, a video was posted on YouTube showing Wayne Gilchrist beating and choking one of his dogs. Gilchrist’s son recorded the abuse and shared it online.

The action is said to have taken place in the vet’s apartment.

The Macomb County Animal Welfare Department examined the dog and found it was not injured. It was also discovered that the dog in question bit a teenager and a puppy in the house.

The prosecution examined all available information and consulted veterinary experts.

Wayne Gilchrist has been charged with a misdemeanor, animal refusal/cruelty to an animal, punishable by 93 days, $1,000, up to 200 hours of community service, or any combination of penalties.

Gilchrist’s arraignment took place on October 21, 2022 in the 42nd Circuit Court in Romeo. He was issued bail of $25,000/10% and conditions that include no animal contact, enrolling in cognitive therapy, no drugs or alcohol with testing three times a month, and no aggressive or threatening behavior.

“Michigan law does not adequately address the defendant’s actions and does not provide for more severe consequences. I would welcome improvements to Michigan’s animal cruelty law and would urge you to reach out to your legislators in the House and Senate to amend the Lansing law so that these crimes can be properly prosecuted. Animals are part of our family and anyone who sees animal abuse is encouraged to contact the local police department and report the incident,” said Macomb County Attorney Peter J. Lucido.

The preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 9:30 a.m

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Charges are expected after video of a Macomb County man abusing a dog was shared online.

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