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How bosses should write books

Oct 2, 2021 C.HIGHEST EXECUTIVES are of course not the most natural writers in the world. Without laser-sharp ambition, they will not get to the top, a quality that seldom leads to literary reflection. To be successful, they must assassinate their self and instead master the corporate gossip. They don’t …

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Indeed, cats might be just as attached to their owners as dogs

Cats are often viewed as aloof, independent, callous creatures while dogs are viewed as man’s best friend. However, a recent research project showed that despite popular belief, cats are just as needy as their dogs. Cat lovers around the world aren’t surprised by this research, which supports another scientific study …

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Legal experts complain about “bizarre draft law” to protect the national cabinet from FoI inquiries | Freedom of information

Scott Morrison’s division has come under fire for continuing to try to keep national cabinet deliberations secret as legal experts condemn a proposed law as an affront to democracy. The Senate’s Finance and Public Administration Committee is reviewing laws that would shield the national cabinet – composed of the Prime …

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