Dog Health

Plan before you fly with your dog

I plan to travel to California this winter and would love to bring my 11 year old Laboratory Oreo with me. I can make sure that it sits in an airline crate in the hold on a non-stop flight (about six hours). What advice could you have? Should the dog …

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A South Florida dog lost for 7 years returns home

Brigitte Bourgoignie, 65, smiles with her pet Sissi after reuniting on Thursday afternoon. Bourgoignie hadn’t seen her Maltese in 7 years. Brigitte Bourgoignie When a woman took Sissi, a Maltese, to a veterinary clinic in Mississippi, her paws were matted with dirt, her skin was flaky, and her fur was …

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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month is in October

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and Best Friends Animal Society has a request: if you are able and have the resources, please consider adopting a rescue pet from your local animal shelter. While the no-kill rate is successfully trending down, many shelter animals still need to be euthanized, …

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