National Geographic announced the highly anticipated return of canine behavior expert Cesar Millan. known CESAR MILLAN: BETTER PEOPLE, BETTER DOG Premiere on July 30th at 9 / 8c on National Geographic and simulcast on Nat Geo WILD. The brand new 10-part series brings Cesar back when pet owners need him most, as the world has changed a lot since Cesar’s television debut 16 years ago. Broadcast worldwide in 172 countries and 43 languages, new episodes will air on Fridays at 9 / 8c and 10 / 9c on National Geographic and Sundays at 8 / 7c and 9 / 8c on Nat Geo WILD. Starting August 4th, episodes will also be streamed on Disney + every Wednesday.

While facing an unprecedented world, people have turned to four-legged friends for comfort and to bring harmony and peace into their home. Indeed, dog adoptions are breaking records CONTINUES… Highs last year, with some cities reporting a 90% increase in adoption rates. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and sometimes more pooches can cause more problems. Many rescue dogs can come from a troubled past, creating unknown trust issues that can be difficult for new owners. CESAR MILLAN: BETTER PEOPLE, BETTER DOG shows Cesar Millan taking on the toughest cases yet and treating a host of new behavioral problems in dogs affected by well-meaning but impulsive owners.

In the new series, Cesar opens the gates to the famous Dog Psychology Center, his California retreat for dogs. Here he is transforming dogs – and families – case by case and working to make the world a better place. With updated philosophies, new techniques, and family support, Cesar tackles some of the most demanding cases of his career.

Transformations include cases like Goliath, a dog who was once so unpredictably aggressive that he prevented paramedics from entering his home during a family emergency. He is now a medical pet ready to seek help if his owner has a seizure. Also follow the famous Insta Ducky the Yorkie, who goes on a journey with Cesar to find comfort and serenity from his second owner so that the newlyweds can finally realize their dream of starting a family. A rottweiler named Kuma also transforms from an unstable load into a calm, confident member of a family with five young children. To complement his efforts, Cesar’s own exotic animal ‘pawsonal assistants – including llamas, a parrot and a miniature horse – are helping all of the full-time residents of the canine psychology center to aid in the rehabilitation process.

Episode descriptions and premiere dates are as follows:

“Fit for service”

World premieres Friday, July 30th at 9 / 8c; Streaming on Disney + Wednesday August 4th

Cesar greets a broken pack at the ranch and helps the animal parents overcome past trauma so they can move forward together. With a little help from DPC trainers, Cesar transforms a dangerous pit bull into a well-balanced dog that can provide help in an emergency. A famous Yorkie’s pet parents ask Cesar for help managing his hectic behavior before they start a family.

“One stone at a time”

World premieres Friday, July 30th, 10 / 9c; Streaming on Disney + Wednesday August 4th

Cesar comes to the aid of a 68-year-old recently retired woman, Judy, whose over-excited Australian Kelpie Shadow has ruined her retirement and developed a strange fixation on brick. After several attempts to train and correct both the dog and Judy’s behavior, Cesar is able to transform both, resulting in one of the most rewarding transformations in Cesar’s career.

“Quarantine for dogs”

World premieres Friday, August 6th, at 9 am-8am; Streaming on Disney + Wednesday August 11th

Cesar helps a family of first responders with three large and runaway dogs, including an aggressive pit bull. With the help of his own pack, Cesar teaches the family new techniques to prevent dangerous behavior and get this pack back on track. First-time dog owners of an overexcited Bernedoodle with separation anxiety ask Cesar for guidance on keeping their home tidy.

“Front of the pack”

Premieres Friday 6th August at 10 / 9c; Streaming on Disney + Wednesday August 11th

Cesar helps a military veteran and his pack get back on track when his German Shepherd mix, who helped him through his PTSD, developed an unhealthy bond with him. And later, a young woman asks Cesar for help when her Dachshund puppy’s dangerous habit of eating rubbish off the floor has placed her in a life-threatening situation.

“Pack attack”

Premieres Friday, August 13th at 9 / 8c; Streaming on Disney + Wednesday August 18th

The Thompson Pack is recovering from a past trauma from a violent ex-husband. Now the women have suffered another tragedy: Coonhound Nyla has become explosively aggressive, accidentally killing a family dog ​​and brutally attacking another. Cesar must help the entire Thompson pack heal from past wounds and rehabilitate Nyla before the family faces a heartbreaking decision.

“Blind Faith”

World premieres Friday, August 13th at 10 / 9c; Streaming on Disney + Wednesday August 18th

Cesar sets out to help the contentious Chihuahua of a young couple whose recent blindness makes them increasingly hostile. And later, a family desperately asks Cesar to help them contain their rapidly growing and overexcited Belgian Malinois before it becomes too tough to tame.

“Twin problem”

Premieres Friday, August 20, at 9 am-8am; Streaming on Disney + Wednesday August 25th

Cesar works with a Mexican breed close to his heart as he rehabilitates twin dogs whose overexcited behavior has put their owner at risk of being evicted from their home. An actress later turns to Cesar for help with an overprotective little pooch who is creating too much drama on its own.

“Dogs against Cats”

World premieres Friday, August 20, at 10 / 9c; Streaming on Disney + Wednesday August 25th

Cesar helps a family of seven with their young Rottweiler, who has become aggressive and territorial after a break-in in the family home. With the help of his own pack, Cesar instructs the animal parents in techniques to exercise leadership behavior and to re-establish themselves at the head of the pack. The parents of a young Pitsky with an overactive prey drive in the direction of their cats turn to Cesar for guidance on how to bring order and harmony into their home.

“End of the trauma”

Premieres Friday, August 27 at 9 / 8c; Streaming on Disney + Wednesday September 1st

Cesar helps a frightened family, still grappling with losing their first dog in a tragic accident, deal with the similarly aggressive personality of their two-year-old black lab. And later, a young 10 year old girl seeks Cesar for help when her emotional support puppy causes more chaos than comfort.

“Hijacked Package”

Premieres Friday, August 27 at 10 / 9c; Streaming on Disney + Wednesday September 1st

Cesar sets out to help the sensitive Australian cattle dog of a young couple whose severe fear of separation has held the lives of their pet parents hostage for almost a year. And later, Cesar tries to calm a dazzling Lhasa Apso who lacks basic hygiene and who has become almost too hostile for his exhausted owner to provide the eye care he needs.

CESAR MILLAN: BETTER PEOPLE, BETTER DOG is the perfect range for pet owners across America – new and old! Even in difficult times, Cesar constantly overcomes obstacles and instills confidence in disgruntled pet owners. Obviously, humans aren’t the only ones feeling restless with the onset of the dog days of summer. Dogs also need help adapting to the dynamic world we live in!

CESAR MILLAN: BETTER PEOPLE, BETTER DOG is produced by Leepson Bounds Entertainment for National Geographic. Cesar Millan will host and executive producer, with special attention from Cesar’s Way Inc. and the support of the Cesar Millan Foundation. Leepson Bounds executive producers are David Leepson, Jane Mun, Roger Roddy and Aaron Rice. National Geographic executive producer is Breanna Hoepner; Janet Han Vissering is Senior Vice President of Unscripted Development and Production.


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