Channel 4’s Big Dog Britain is a must-see for any dog ​​lover


If you want to see a Great Dane in goggles ride in a motorcycle sidecar, or have ever wondered what it would be like to live with ten Irish Wolfhounds, Channel 4 has the program for you.

A fun, hour-long documentary about a range of giant dogs and their loyal owners will air on Thursday July 1st.

Big Dog Britain visits homes with Great Danes, Newfoundland dogs, St. Bernard dogs, English mastiffs, Irish Wolfhounds and a Pyrenees Sheepdog to find out why sales of the very largest dog breeds are declining and people are choosing smaller breeds instead.

There are interviews with many owners, including one who named her shaggy dog ​​Boris after our Prime Minister because “he’s blonde, crazy and better looking” (and emailed him to let him know) who all believe that big is better and big is beautiful.

Their homes are full of love – as are mud on the floors, hair on windows, and drool on the ceiling – but they don’t want it any other way, and the owners’ connection with their pet pooches is heartbreaking. Strings whether you are a large breed fan or not.

The program could pique your interest in taking in your own oversized dog – or you may be relieved that you are not living next to a pack.

Big Dog Britain will air on Channel 4 on Thursday July 1st at 9pm.


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