Cheshire teenager makes £1,000 after starting sneaker company with birthday cash

A Cheshire teenager makes thousands from a coaching business he started with his birthday money. Youssef Elattar runs Joe Sneakers, buying rare and limited edition sneakers by entering online raffles and selling them for profit.

It comes just over a year after the 17-year-old received £2,000 from his parents on his 16th birthday – immediately investing in shares and building his online presence. Youssef runs the business alongside his studies at Wilmslow High Sixth Form.

He runs Joe Sneakers from a desk in his mother’s shop, Hebe Life, in Green Lane, Wilmslow, where he purchases and stocks the in-demand sneakers that are not commercially available in most stores. The teenager has comfortably made £1,000 in profit since inception and is now looking to grow his business.

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Youssef was born in Egypt and moved to Cheshire with his family as a child. Mum Heba Elshourbagy says she decided to invest in him when she found out he has a “huge passion” for sneakers.

The 40-year-old said: “I know there are a lot of social media sites that deal with the same type of business and it’s a big market. He has had a passion for business since he was young.

Youssef’s stock of limited edition sneakers.

“When we found out that he has a great passion for it, we decided to invest in him and help him start his business. That’s why we supported him with the first bit of money.”

Heba was only too happy to make room for her son in her vitamin and supplement business. The young entrepreneur has created his own branded hoodies and can regularly be seen walking around downtown with a cart full of sneakers.

Youssef Elattar with his trainers in Wilsmlow town centre

His mum said: “We’re local in Wilmslow and he runs his business mostly online and through his connections at school. However, we have an office in the city center where he keeps his sneakers and he has his own desk there where he runs his business.

“Sometimes his friends come over to look at the shop or to order shoes. He takes his trolley and all the shoes on it and walks around downtown with his sweaters and his Instagram handle.

“It’s not just about selling the shoes, it’s about promoting them. People have started stopping him and looking at the shoes and he’s also started getting a lot more social media followers.”

Youssef grew up in an “entrepreneurial family” – according to Heba, his father is the CEO of an international oil and gas company. She says she is “proud” of her “hardworking” son.

Youssef has created his own branded hoodies

She said: “In a year he’s made £1,000 and he’s doing really well. I’m really proud of him. I had Youssef when I was quite young, at the age of 22.

“It fills me with pride to see how he has grown into the man he is now. He is very persistent and hardworking and he has a great passion for success and life.

“He always wants to learn new things and when something comes to his mind, he just grabs it.”

Youssef aspires to take a film course at university after completing his studies at Wilmslow High Sixth Form. The youngster has also started modeling for shops in the city and wants to pursue an acting career.

In addition to managing Joe Sneakers, he has modeled for Oliver’s Barber in Wilmslow and signed a modeling agency deal with MMA in Manchester.

Heba said: “He also started his modeling career and started modeling for local shops and joined an agency. He’s interested in acting, photography and all things innovative skills.”

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