China’s Yulin Dog Festival is still ongoing despite efforts by animal activists to raise health risks


File photo of animal rights activists holding banners against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. REUTERS / Kim Kyung-Hoon – S1AETJANZJAA

Photo evidence shows that traders participating in the event are already slaughtering and selling the furry animals in Yulin, Guangxi Province.

The Yulin Dog Festival is a 10-day annual event that consumes more than 10,000 dogs in China. Many animal welfare organizations have voiced their concerns about the festival. You have repeatedly given reasons saying that there are many health risks associated with the festival. According to a Mirror report, the Yulin Dog Festival is expected to slaughter over 5,000 animals in the next 10 days. Photo evidence shows that the traders involved in the event are already slaughtering and selling the furry animals in Yulin, Guangxi Province.

The report also mentions that animal rights activists did their best to save as many pooches as possible. They recently got their hands on a truck with the four-legged animals and rescued them. An animal rights activist said that they can get hold of these trucks through loopholes in the law. He said that sometimes these truck drivers do not have complete papers and in order to be rescued they give away the puppies to save themselves from the persecution.

So far, activists have found eight stalls in Dongkou Market and another 18 stalls have been spotted in Nanqiao Market. The concerned Yulin authorities have clearly stated that live slaughter of animals is now illegal. Those caught in the act face the consequences, including heavy fines. The animal welfare organizations have put pressure on the authorities to continuously enforce this new law. Reports have been sent to the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture clearly stating that dogs are “friends, not food.”

The activists also mention that officials have alleged tightened controls at checkpoints on highways. However, many of them believe that, despite this, there are many trucks with animals moving around freely. Another animal rights activist has claimed that stopping dog trucks should be a top priority for officers in Guangxi as the risk of disease is very high.

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