Companion Retriever Hunt Challenge June 26th in Godfrey’s Pond


Press release:

Are you ready for the Companion Retriever Hunt Challenge?

There will be one on Saturday, June 26th at 10:30 am at Godfrey’s Pond at 7925 Godfrey’s Pond Road.

This is a fun event that represents a real overwater duck hunt and field goose hunt and is open to all sport dog breeds that hunt waterfowl.

It is open to dog handlers aged 12 and over.

All dogs should be familiar with multiple shots from a 12-gauge shotgun.

NO dogs currently holding a hunting test or field test title can participate.

NO professional trainers are allowed to handle dogs; professionally trained dogs are allowed to participate.

The registration fee is USD 35 per dog. All fees for the event will be donated to Godfrey’s Pond conservation programs.

Jim Beverly takes over the evaluation.

The first, second and third highest scores receive badges. All dealers (regardless of the number of points) take part in a prize draw.

The focus is on enjoying the experience with the dogs and networking with other waterfowl hunters.

There’s no pressure and there’s a lot of help – Jim Beverly and Andy Merkel will help any handler with training or handling tips for those who need it.

Contact Jim Beverly or Andy Merkel via email to request a registration form and specific information about the content of the event.

Jim: [email protected]

Andy: [email protected]

Here is a video posted on The Batavian on May 25, 2019:


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