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Marsh Dog, the company that turned wetland kernel nutria into premium dog biscuits, is sold just a month after it closed to national pet food maker Chasing Our Tails in Minnesota.

Chasing Our Tails plans to relaunch the Marsh Dog line later this month and expand into pet foods for other invasive species. The purchase price was not disclosed.

Officials said the shutdown of the 10-year-old Baton Rouge business has prompted a flood of responses from environmental organizations, government agencies, retailers and customers who support Marsh Dog’s efforts to address the environmental challenge. of the fight against nutria. Wild root-eating rodents destroy wetlands in many parts of the country, primarily Louisiana. The company said about 400,000 of the semi-aquatic mammals must be removed each year to prevent coastal erosion. State wildlife managers estimate that the imported orange-toothed pest has eaten away at more than 40 square miles of the Louisiana coast in the past 20 years.

Chasing Our Tails, founded in 2009 in southern Minnesota by Stephen Trachtenberg, makes premium, single-ingredient, American-origin treats and chews. The company operates in over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

“We look forward to continuing the legacy of the Harlan family’s work while expanding the product line to include other American invasive species,” said Trachtenberg. “Our first addition will be Asian carp, an invasive species of Minnesota and several American rivers.

Hansel Harlan and his sister Veni Harlan started Marsh Dogs in a home kitchen in 2012 and were trying to break into bigger markets thanks to a domestic producer. Hansel Harlan said last month that more volume requires more distribution. The company invested money and planned to go to trade shows to find more distributors and retailers. However, the pandemic has shut down shows, leaving the company with many more products and not enough buyers, he said.

Harlan said its dog biscuits have a loyal following, but the base needs to grow exponentially as production grows. “It was a big change from buyers who wanted the value of a few bags to customers who want the value of an 18 wheeler,” he said last month.

Each 12-ounce bag of nutria treats sold for around $ 12. They came in three flavored varieties with blueberries, cranberries, rice, and sweet potatoes.

Editor-in-chief Tristan Baurick contributed to this report.


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