Crufts 2022 Results LIVE: Today day 2 of the world’s largest dog show

Channel 4 called on AX Crufts to petition brand dog show ‘grotesque and unethical’

ANIMAL advocates have urged Channel 4 to drop dog competition Crufts over allegations about sick animals.

Channel 4’s coverage of Crufts 2022 began yesterday, when the world-famous competition got underway, and will conclude on Sunday March 13 after the 200 purebred dog breeds competed for the title of ‘Best in Show’.

But animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) criticized the 188-year-old competition, saying it was “a pageant for unhealthy dogs, often plagued by agonizing hereditary diseases after generations of inbreeding”.

PETA started a petition for Channel 4 CEO Alex Mahon to follow in the BBC’s footsteps and refuse to air the programme.

“The RSPCA refuses to take part in the show and no one who cares for dogs should celebrate this grotesque charade – nor should it be given a platform on British television,” the petition reads.

“With his obsession with ‘breed purity’, Crufts popularizes greatly exaggerated traits in animals and gives awards to dogs whose physical abnormalities make it impossible for them to live happily ever after.”

The petition added that “breeding culture also has broader implications for dog welfare.”

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