Cup Noodles cuts the salt in their instant ramen (but it’s still very salty)


Even the makers of instant ramen noodles are feeling the pressure to look healthier. Cup Noodles, which brought instant ramen to America 45 years ago, said Thursday it has significantly reduced sodium and removed artificial flavors in its iconic foam cups, adding ingredients like paprika and lime. .

The push comes as food manufacturers seek to keep up with the latest trends in health and wellness. US grocers have made it clear that less is more, from “gluten-free” to “no artificial food coloring,” even when it comes to products like candy and instant dinners.

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Cup Noodles has found its way into the homes of low income families and college dorm rooms due to its convenience and affordability.

In a statement, Nissin Foods said consumers specifically requested the changes and that it took extensive research and development to come up with the new recipes without harming the taste or increasing the price.

Despite its overhaul, Cup Noodles Chicken Flavor still contains 45% of the sodium and over a third of the saturated fat that an adult should eat in a day. Old Cup Noodles Chicken Flavor contained 60% of the Recommended Daily Intake of Sodium.

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