Danielle Lloyd struck because she bred her 18-month-old pedigree dog as fans fear for her well-being


DANIELLE LloydShe was criticized by fans for breeding her beloved French bulldog, Fendi.

The pregnant 37-year-old showed Fendi’s puppies and described it as a “special” and “emotional” day.


Danielle Lloyd’s dog Fendi gave birth to two young pupsPhoto credit: Instagram
But some fans have criticized Danielle for breeding her pedigree dog


But some fans have criticized Danielle for breeding her pedigree dogPhoto credit: Instagram

Danielle went on Instagram and raved about her dog, saying it felt like they had their “pregnancies” together.

Danielle posted a series of photos showing Fendi with her newborn pups and one of the models holding the two newborns in front of the camera.

She said OK beforehand! that pregnancy scans showed Fendi was expecting “five or more babies”.

“Yesterday was a very special day, but probably also the most emotional.
I never realized how much I love my dog, “the post says.

“Fendi is the loveliest, special princess and is now a mom.

“I’m so proud that she gave birth to these beautiful puppies. It literally felt like we’d been through our pregnancies together, so she was just amazing to be with.

“Feel like a proud mom 🥰💞.”

Danielle then tagged JRC Bullies in the mail, the same breeders her pals Katie Price lined up with last year when the puppy she got from them died days after they returned home.

While many of Danielle’s fans thought the puppies were adorable, some criticized her for breeding the pedigree dog.

At 18 months of age, some thought Fendi was too young to breed while others were concerned that unwanted dogs might go to animal shelters.

“Puppies are so cute, but it makes me sad when I think of all the unwanted pedigree and mixed breed dogs in animal shelters,†commented a fan on her post.

The RSPCA warns of “significant animal welfare problems” in breeding certain types of dogs.

“There are special breeds of dogs and pedigree dogs through conscious and selective breeding for certain characteristics by dog ​​breeders,” says the animal welfare organization.

French bulldogs are prone to serious breathing problems, mobility issues, and skin allergies.

Danielle and her mother Jackie Lloyd hit back on the fan saying they were not like other breeders.

“How do you know why I do and I don’t?” wrote Danielle.

While Jackie added, “Fendi is not overbred, none of their dogs are, but I do agree that some people just use them as ATMs and it’s so wrong.”

Danielle is currently pregnant with her fifth child with husband Michael O’Neill.

Already the mother of four boys Archie, Harry, George and Ronnie, Danielle will soon have her first daughter.

The young dog gave birth to two healthy puppies


The young dog gave birth to two healthy puppiesPhoto credit: Instagram
Fendi is only 18 months old


Fendi is only 18 months oldPhoto credit: Instagram
Danielle is pregnant with their fifth child and first daughter


Danielle is pregnant with their fifth child and first daughterPhoto credit: Instagram
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