Does Brian Laundrie have contact with the parents? Experts believe that he contacted himself through a lawyer

A former FBI agent believes Gabby Petito’s missing fiancé, Brian Laundrie, “loosely” contacted his parents through her family attorney and was found alive by law enforcement agencies.

Laundrie, 23, has not been found by authorities more than three weeks after his parents first reported him missing. The fugitive was the last person to see Petito, 22, but refused to speak to authorities about her whereabouts after hearing about her whereabouts on May 1. As the search for Petito intensified, Laundrie was identified as a “person of interest” on the case ” designated. He was missing from his Florida home on September 13, just days before Petito’s body was found on September 19. An autopsy determined her death was a murder, which sparked a nationwide manhunt for Laundrie.


Brian Laundrie’s parents change their story, attorney claims they last saw him on September 13th

Brian Laundrie returned to Florida 5 days after fighting Gabby Petito, empty storage room

Ex-FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer was asked by NewsNationNow journalist Brian Entin if Laundrie had any contact with his parents. “Yes, albeit very loosely through the lawyer,” she allegedly said.

Although it’s unclear whether Laundrie spoke to his parents through her attorney Steve Bertolino after he was reported missing, Coffindaffer believes the police will find him alive, but it could take time. “I think he’ll be able to hide in his surroundings,” she said to Entin. “I think he’s a learned nature lover and survivor, so I think he can stay out of the reach of law enforcement for a while.”

Maureen O’Connell, another former FBI agent, also agreed that the police are likely to find Laundrie alive. “I have the feeling that [Laundrie] is found and he is found alive, “she told Fox News.” Any information that has been coming in for weeks now, if you put it on yourself, you can see all of these things come to fruition. “” She added that the case is “filled with one wild goose hunt after another”.

Meanwhile, ex-Marshal Lenny DePaul said he believes Laundrie “sleeps with one eye open” as the manhunt continues. “Personally, I think he could be anywhere. It does not matter. He’s gonna screw it up. He’s going to make a mistake, “he told the New York Post.

Laundrie’s parents, Chris and Roberta, previously told police that he told them on September 14 that he was hiking on the Carlton Reservation in Sarasota, Florida and had never returned. However, lawyer Bertolino later revealed that the parents had given the wrong date for the alleged “hike”. He said Laundrie’s parents last saw him on September 13, rather than September 14, according to a statement News Nation Now reporter Brian Entin shared on Twitter. “The laundries based the date Brian left on their memory of certain events. After further communication with the FBI and confirmation of the [Brian Laundrie’s] Mustang was at the Laundrie residence on Wednesday September 15th and we now believe the day Brian left to hike into the reserve was Monday September 13th, ”Bertolino reportedly said in a statement to Entin.

While detectives continue to investigate the Carlton reservation to find evidence of Laundrie’s whereabouts, reality TV star Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman also leads his own searches at the Fort De Soto Park campsite. This came after it was reported that the Laundrie family had stayed at the campsite on September 6, days after his return to Florida.

Chapman said the search would become “more dangerous” as the days went on, adding that he had turned over potential evidence of DNA testing to authorities. “Tracking down a refugee is a marathon, not a sprint,” a spokesman for his team told Newsweek on Sunday, October 3rd. “We keep looking for Brian Laundrie. The longer he’s on the run, the more dangerous this becomes.” “

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