Does your dog have “Bahk” with a Boston accent?


Officially there are 195 countries in the world. If dogs can actually bark in different accents and localisms, we’d have to be arcs or something.

I heard the end of a conversation on the radio about dogs growling with regional accents. I’m sure non-animal people will laugh at the idea, but Disney was right about Lady in the animated film all along Lady and the Tramp. Researchers have found that aristocratic dogs are more likely to have a “posh” accent when they bark.

Now I know firsthand that dogs sometimes do look like their owners, but now scientists assume that many dogs too sound like their owners. Studies show that dogs develop a bark or “voice” that is similar to their owner’s regional accent. I was surprised to find out that dogs actually generate a large vocabulary of howls, whines, sighs, grunts, howls, and growls.

In Mandarin Chinese, the most widely spoken language in the world, a dog’s bark doesn’t sound like “wuff-wow” or “bow-wow”, but is more like wang-wang or Wong-Wong. It is Woof woof in Germany and Denmark it is vuf-vuf. In Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Algeria say dogs have-have, and everything is Greek to me.

According to the Canine Behavior Center in Cumbria, England, dogs actually have regional accents like their owners, as the owner’s language and language affects the way a dog vocalizes. You can also safely say that dogs are copycat cats.

So if that’s the case, the dogs here copy and speak in a Boston “bahk” with our notorious accent. I would be grateful if you noticed me an accent the next time your Fido barks.

Until next time, you must forgive me. I just came across a BBC article in which herd of cows says “muh” with a clear accent. I will write back soon.

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