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NEWTON FALLS — With a family that has always given back to the community, resident Nicole Cutlip-Cozart wanted to continue that tradition and has opened a dog park in the village’s downtown area.

The Neiss Recreation Park for Dogs opens at the Falls this week. The park will be available on a membership basis.

Cozart, of Newton Township, said the 1-acre property has been used by her family since the 1930s and has been the site of the former B&O Railroad tracks and various businesses over the years.

“I was thinking about a dog park and we didn’t do anything with that space. It was available so I figured this would be a great spot for a dog park. The idea was to have a safe dog park. We require dogs to be vaccinated and shown that they have been spayed or neutered.” said Cozart.

The park will be available to members with a swipe access key starting in 2023 and will allow up to three dogs per person. There are four benches and dog stations in the dog park with plans for water facilities, dog waste disposal stations, a message board and next year a smaller dog area. There are two guarded double entrance areas to prevent dogs from leaving the park.

Cozart said she started the local park from a dog park in Glass City, Toledo, that has been in existence for five to six years.

She said to prepare the park some trees and shrubs were removed and fences added to enclose the area. A parking lot was also created.

The park is near the falls, opposite the water tower.

Cozart said the plan is to have a fenced off-leash dog park where dogs and commoners can exercise in a safe environment.

“We see this park as a community project to meet the needs of dog owners and non-dog owners.” She said.

Cozart said her aunt Madeline Neiss, who was a philanthropist, was among those involved in establishing the falls and park in the community. She said the Neiss family are animal lovers and have been members of the community for more than 100 years.

“They have always donated to the city and helped wherever they could. As local business owners, the Neiss families knew that an investment in Newton Falls would only contribute to the advancement of the community and in turn benefit the businesses, and still does today.” said Cozart.

Neiss Home Oil Co.’s properties are home to wildlife such as deer, squirrels and ducks.

Cozart worked with village officials to ensure the zoning regulations included dog park guidelines. The process took 14 months.

“I have had support from city authorities and zoning. There are many community members who wanted a dog park.” She said.

Cozart said there are a few public dog parks, including one in Bazetta and one being suggested in Braceville by a local Girl Scout.

Steve Cozart brought Ripley, a 1-year-old German Shepherd, to the park.

“Dogs need exercise and socialization with other dogs. Dogs like this interaction with dogs and people. There are not that many private dog parks. This is a place where people with dogs can come and be in a safe environment.” he said.

Nicole said the park is within walking distance of downtown. It will be open all year round and will have rules.

She said the park could also be used for community events in partnership with the village, such as B. Pet adoption days, a training site for police canine units, veterinary clinics and a training site for dog trainers.

Mayor Ken Kline said he looks forward to seeing the community dog ​​park.

He said many people, including himself, have dogs as pets and have a place nearby to walk them and be with other dogs as a plus to the community.

“I’m glad it’s opening in Newton Falls,” Kline said.

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