Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter joins Brian Laundrie’s hunt as experts say conditions make forensic evidence difficult to find

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter has joined her father in the hunt for Brian Laundrie while investigators struggle to gather forensic evidence under what experts call “difficult”.

Lyssa Chapman, the daughter of Duane “Dog” Chapman announced via Twitter that she’ll join the search, where multiple law enforcement investigators are furiously working to find Laundrie.


The dog’s daughter has announced that she will join the searchPhoto credit: Instagram
Dog has vowed to find Brian before his 24th birthday


Dog has vowed to find Brian before his 24th birthdayPhoto credit: Instagram / Duane Lee Chapman

She wrote on Saturday: “Update: Dads are physically tracking clues today, and I’m tracking clues digitally.

“Perseverance is the key to sustainment #justiceforgabbypetito & #BrainLaundrie behind bars”

According to forensic experts, the authorities are faced with increasingly difficult environmental factors.

According to Bryanna Fox, a former FBI agent and associate professor in the Department of Criminology at the University of South Florida, investigators are battling against time to gather the forensic evidence needed to create a case.

She told CNN, “Time is the one thing we are constantly struggling with in law enforcement.

“The chances of finding it are getting smaller every day, so obviously time is very important,” she added.

Brian left both his phone and wallet at home when he went missing, which means investigators also have little digital or forensic evidence to work with, she continued.

He was later spotted with an “elderly woman” at an AT&T near his hometown, suggesting that he bought a burner phone.

Additionally, Brian’s withdrawal to a remote area is difficult to track compared to an urban area where records of purchases or surveillance cameras could provide clues.

Fox said, “Unlike other refugees or missing people, we usually have reason to believe that they are in a populated area.

“In this case it looks like he may have tried to go offline and is not living in society. That makes it even more difficult to find him.”

Another barrier to finding Brian is the environmental conditions on the Carlton reservation in South Florida, where authorities are currently searching for evidence.

Chris Boyer, executive director of the National Association for Search and Rescue, a nonprofit, told the outlet, “Down in Florida, a body can skeletonize in less than five to seven days in summer and wet times.

“And with predators you can lose a lot of evidence that way,” he added.

In an appearance on Fox News Monday, Dog said his team has several clues about Brian that they are currently “going through”.

He added, “I would say within 48 hours we will likely have a place to start the persecution.

“He’s very young, he’s not a seasoned criminal. He’s going to do what he should. He can’t stay and shoplifting and stay in cheap motels or rob people like many people I hunt.

“This kid is a nature lover, so I think he went where he was comfortable, the outdoors.”

When asked about the area around Fort De Soto Park, he said, “I think he was here for sure.”

Dog said Brian could have gone up the Appalachian Trail where he previously camped with Gabby on her 22nd birthday.

He also raised the possibility of Brian hopping between the islands in a canoe.

“There are many small islands in the area that we are on that he could reach by canoe,” he said.

“We spoke to the janitors on the islands today, they said he could be out here.”

Dog has vowed to find Brian by his 24th birthday in November, but reckons it will happen sooner.

Lyssa was also featured on the reality TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter


Lyssa also appeared on the reality TV show Dog the Bounty HunterCredit: Bret Thomsett for The Sun
Investigators work against difficult environmental conditions to get Brian.  to find


Investigators work against difficult environmental conditions to get Brian. to findPhoto credit: Instagram / Brian Laundrie
Brian Laundrie: The FBI may know where Gabby Petito’s fiancé is hiding but are holding him back, the lawyer claims

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