Dog trainers are in great demand for ‘pandemic puppies’ who are not used to socializing | Pune news

By: Anjali Jhangiani
PUNE: Puppies brought home during the pandemic employ dog ​​trainers and behaviorists to correct their behavior problems.
Last year’s lockdown gave many an opportunity to adopt a pet as working from home gave them more time. To overcome loneliness and help mental health, many people adopted puppies when they needed to be apart from the rest of their family and friends. After the puppies grow into adults in the house, there is a great need for dog trainers and behaviorists.
“I adopted an American pit bull puppy last year and he is fine around the house, but he’s not used to being around people or other dogs. He is very troublesome to take for a walk as he has a tendency to become aggressive towards other dogs and people. I had to seek help from a dog trainer to correct this behavior before it could escalate into a dangerous or unfortunate incident, â€said one pet parent.
City-based dog behaviorist and trainer Priti Chauhan pointed out how human actions during the pandemic – avoiding hugs or touching when greeting, failing to socialize – rubbed off on their pets.
She said, “Desensitizing the pandemic puppies to traffic or other people was difficult because they have been putting restrictions in place since they were young. I get several calls a day for problems like this.
A big problem for pet owners when hiring a dog trainer is that there is no standard qualification or certification for the profession. Namratha Rao from Delhi, who has been a practicing dog trainer for over seven years, said, “Before hiring a dog trainer, pet parents should ask themselves what methods they use or what mindset they believe in about training techniques, what? Courses they have taken or certifications they have and do research on their work. ”

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