Dog whisperer Cesar Millan is accused of not being able to control his own dog

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A gymnast named Lidia Matiss claims she was from. been attacked Dog whisperer Cesar Millanhas now passed away Pitbull Junior in a new process. Matiss says the attack happened in 2017 when she was visiting her mother, who was an employee at Millan’s training facility. She claims the dog is “Unsupervised and unleashed” when he repeatedly bit her leg and with “serious” injuries prevented her from participating in her sport.

In the lawsuit, Matiss claims Millan let Junior walk around without a leash anyway be aware of it History of attacks on humans and dogs. She also claims that the so-called dog whisperer had actually covered up a time when JunioI mauled one of Queen Latifah’s dogs to death –instead they say Rappers that her dog was hit by a car and killed. Millan’s attorneys denied the allegation, calling it “an obvious lie”.

“This incident happened over 4 years ago. Two weeks ago Ms. Mattiss’ attorney sent a letter asking Mr. Millan to pay her $ 850,000 – or “go to the press”. Mr. Millan refused to respond to that threat and this interview is the result, ”a Millan spokesman wrote in a statement PEOPLE received Tuesday.

The statement goes on to say, “As everyone knows, Cesar Millan is one of the world’s most famous dog training experts. Over the course of his extraordinary career, Mr. Millan has sponsored and helped thousands of behavioral animal dogs – often with dogs at risk of “hiring”. “

$ 850,000 seems a bit ostensible high price for a dog attack that happened four years ago and was not yet important enough to file a lawsuit, but I’m not condemning an injured person suing a millionaire for any reason – especially considering that the potential severity of a pit bull attack.


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