Dogtopia dog daycare is coming soon in Katy

Dogtopia daycare center opens in Katy this winter. The puppy boarding, foster care and daycare center, which promises the “most exciting day ever” for dogs, will also be part of numerous fundraising campaigns through the philanthropic Dogtopia Foundation.

Dogtopia is located on 1817 Mason Road and offers dog daycare with a focus on exercise and enrichment. “In our day care center, our dogs don’t sit in the kennel the whole time their parents are gone,” says owner Shiraj Patel. “You are on the road with a lot of playing time.”

All trainers or “Canine Coaches” at Dogtopia have extensive training in the curriculum of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Dogtopia also offers dog progress reports to encourage communication with owners.

Patel was inspired to start Dogtopia both through his love for dogs and his observation that there weren’t many dog ​​daycare in the Katy area. “I love dogs, and I have my own, and I saw this place as a place to provide service that most of the people in this area aren’t really interested in right now,” said Patel. “Many do not know exactly what a dog daycare center is and what it is about, so there is great potential here.”

Dogtopia is also dedicated to dog-based philanthropy through the Dogtopia Foundation. The foundation has three focal points.

Through a service dog training program, Dogtopia provides a fully trained service dog for veterans.

“We support programs that have a positive impact on the lives of United States military personnel and veterans,” a Dogtopia statement said. “We seek to fund service dog training for military veterans who return home with physical and emotional challenges.”

With its programs for literacy among young people, the foundation offers schoolchildren the opportunity to make progress in reading.

“We support innovative literacy programs for young people and educational initiatives to ensure the success of elementary school students,” the statement said.

Dogtopia is also committed to employment initiatives for adults with autism. The employment program is actively looking for people with autism to offer them a job at the Dogtopia site. “

“These are causes that Dogtopia really cares about,” said Patel.

Due to supply chain bottlenecks, Dogtopia was unable to open as planned this summer, but Patel believes it can open in the next few weeks.

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