Don’t adopt pets spontaneously; get them after careful consideration, say dog ​​behaviorists


Sachin Bharathvaj, a canine behaviorist and canine psychologist, points out that getting pets out of impulses is a common mistake many people make. “People don’t think enough before making a decision. Owning a pet is a huge responsibility that some are unaware of. Before deciding on a new pet, there are many factors that you need to consider. One of the main aspects is financial stability. If you can’t provide nutritious food and a good stay, then don’t get pets. Not only that, you have many other responsibilities – hire a pet trainer, take pets to the vet regularly, get pets vaccinated, etc., â€says Sachin Bharathvaj. He tells us that “pandemic pups†have shown various behavioral problems.

“Many think that if they stay home or work from home this is the right time to adopt a pet. This thought in itself is wrong. These people tend to abandon or return pets after a few weeks. So think carefully before making a decision. Two or three customers called me and said they noticed various behavior issues in puppies bought after the pandemic outbreak. If you bring a dog with you during this time and put it back inside, it will show behavior changes. â€When asked what important things to consider before getting a pet, he joked,“ Before getting a pet, be be it a cat, a dog, a fish or peer pressure or do they need a dog. I’ve seen pet parents leave their pets in shelters because they couldn’t look after pets. If you keep moving dogs from one house to another, it will affect the dogs psychologically. â€Sachin also emphasizes the importance of regular exercise for dogs.

“Exercise doesn’t mean letting the dog run around the house or motta maadi – it’s just a play activity. Exercise means regularly walking dogs, running around, taking dogs for a swim, and so on. All of these activities have a huge impact on dogs. Due to social distancing and blocking rules, many pet parents these days prefer virtual training. I have clients from Madurai, Kovilpatti and even Canada, â€he shares. As a volunteer with the Blue Cross of India, Sachin saw people opt for pedigree dogs instead of indie dogs from the NGO.

“I don’t know the reason. That’s not a good trend either. Another trend I noticed is that many are adopting male puppies instead of female puppies, â€says Sachin, who has been training dogs for six years. Another dog trainer, behavioral scientist and aggression consultant Prasanna Gopinath says it is wrong to have pets as isolation companions. “Because of the enforced isolation, many adopt pets. It is not a deliberate decision, but an impulsive one. First, you need to ensure that pets have access to good food, shelter, and physical activity. As long as you take all of these factors into account, you can adopt a pet. Training is secondary – it’s an additional factor in helping a pet parent communicate better with their pets.

The main problem with pandemic puppies is that they don’t know how to deal with other people, other animals, and other external factors, â€says Prasanna Gopinath. He suggests that training dogs for behavior problems is an important step. “Animal trainers or behaviorists help animal parents to a great extent. The trainer should involve the family and pets and create an appropriate structure in which the puppies are given sufficient opportunities to deal with external factors – how they can deal with people, other dogs and other elements, â€he adds.


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