dr Connecticut Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner Debbie Torraca contributes to the book on Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Buchanan, VA, July 23, 2022 – (PR.com) – Dr. Debbie Torraca of Wizard of Paws, based at 155 Westchster Road, Colchester, Connecticut, recognizes the need for pet owners to learn more about cognitive issues in their dogs.

As the author of F. Barish-Stern’s book, Shamrock’s Story, From Hurricane Katrina to Doggy Dementia & Alzheimer’s, published by Golden Quill Press, Dr. Torraca that she firmly believes that certain breeds and genes lead dogs to be more fearful. “If you know your dog’s breed genetics, you can be aware of the triggers that might indicate CCDS.” Although a dog like Shamrock wasn’t excitable because her breed predisposed her to be more fearful, she was therefore a candidate for cognitive problems.

Barish-Stern set out to write this book after experiencing the condition in her dog, Shamrock, and in the book shares what she learned to help pet owners understand more about cognitive issues in their dogs.

“Dr. Torraca is proud to contribute to this informative book focused on supporting our wonderful senior dogs.”

dr Torraca owns Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation for Animals, LLC. She and her team are happy to help small animals of all ages.

To learn more about dementia and Alzheimer’s in dogs, early prevention, recognizing signs and treatments, visit the Wizard of Paws website or check out Shamrock’s Story and Canine Dementia at Golden Quill Press.

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