EarlySalary celebrates the milestone of one million loans with an “App Handshake” campaign


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EarlySalary, the consumer loan app for salaried individuals, announced that it has completed its “App Handshake” campaign to celebrate the milestone of disbursing one million loans to its customers. The campaign ran for four weeks and was an initiative to express EarlySalary’s gratitude to its customers, who used the app to take advantage of instant loan facilities.

Through the use of technology, EarlySalary created a virtual handshake feature in the app that triggered when customers shake their smartphones. It allowed clients to unlock exciting prizes for their association with the company on the momentous occasion of reaching the million payday advance mark. Additionally, customers who innovatively thanked the EarlySalary app using the hashtag #ShakeHandsWithAnApp in Twitter and Facebook posts won exciting gift baskets. The hashtag has gone viral on social media, gaining over thousands of entries and recording nearly 10 million impressions on Twitter.

A call for applications was also issued to existing clients, who were asked about their Million History. To participate, they had to share their experience with EarlySalary on social media platforms, using the hashtag #ThanksAMillion, which was seen as trending on the Twitter platform. These stories were also used to create two video ads – Dress Ka Distress and Goa Trip – depicting the original stories of clients who used the EarlySalary app to meet their demands during a sudden financial crisis.

EarlySalary also tapped into Instagram’s audience by collaborating with several influencers.

The global campaign recorded 20 million impressions and reached over 10 million people via social media.

Sudesh Shetty, Marketing Manager at EarlySalary, said: “The vision of EarlySalary has always been to make a difference in the lives of consumers by giving them instant cash. Our client believed us and stayed with us for years. When we planned to get closer to the one million disbursement milestone, we knew we had to show our gratitude to the millions of people who helped lead us to such an exciting destination. Ergo, the idea of ​​a “million handshakes” was conceived. “

Aalap Desai

Aalap Desai, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney, said, “A Million Handshakes is a simple but effective celebration idea. Something that fits like a glove with a brand like EarlySalary. Many brands thank their loyal customer base, but with “#ThanksAMillion” we’ve used an interesting engagement technique on the EarlySalary app. Within three days of the feature’s launch, over 30,000 users have taken advantage of the rewards. It also benefited the brand due to an exponential increase in app downloads. “

Swaraj Gaikwad, an EarlySalary user, said: “I was planning to visit Dubai; but, due to unavoidable circumstances, I had to give my friend some money. But somehow, while scrolling through the Facebook feed, I came across this amazing EarlySalary app, which helped me book my round-trip plane tickets to Dubai at an interest rate. minimum and with several EMI options. It really is one of the best rescue apps.

Apruva Koli, another happy EarlySalary customer, said, “I have been using EarlySalary for two years and have always enjoyed the best customer service. Being a fashionista, shopping on Amazon and Flipkart with zero interest rates is the best deal I can ever get, thanks to EarlySalary.

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