Enhanced loans

Enhanced loans

We will attempt to review the various soft loans that may be encountered that are likely to be part of the borrower’s financing plan. It should be noted that most of the aid is intended for first-time buyers.

The zero interest loan

This is for first-time buyers who acquire their main residence. For this, it must not exceed a certain income ceiling. The amount depends on the area of ​​acquisition and the number of people occupying the dwelling.

The employer loan

The employer loan is another type of enhanced loan. It is reserved for employees working in a company of more than 10 people. Like the zero rate loan, it concerns the principal residence but is not subject to income conditions.

The official loan

The official loan is a specific loan reserved for public service employees (holders or assistants). Also intended for the acquisition of the principal residence, it is nevertheless reserved for the beneficiaries of a loan (loan for the social accede) or a loan agreement.

Social Accession Loans

Social Accession Loans (PAS)

The loan allows to benefit from a rate capped by the public authorities subject to income conditions. and must concern the acquisition of the principal residence. However, given market rates, it is not competitive at all. A benefit anyway, the allows to claim the personalized assistance to housing.

The loan agreement

As before, the loan agreement allows to benefit from a capped rate but is not subject to conditions of resources.

There are other subsidized loans such as the loan, All have specificities and often reduce the monthly payments of his credit.

Theresa Buckner