Experts: Prepare your stove for the coming winter now


Heating and cooling experts say having an annual oven inspection can help prevent costly repairs and potentially dangerous gas leaks.

“We always recommend everyone have their stove checked,” says Kevin Lesthaeghe, President of the Petersen Plumbing & Heating Company.

Annual maintenance of the stove is key to family safety in winter.

“Every year if you let it wait for the next year, it will still have dirt in it. It still needs to be adjusted, ”said Lesthaeghe.

In addition, external factors can also play a role.

“You will be surprised at what’s near a stove or water heater.”

Lesthaeghe reports that keeping everyday household items within three feet of an oven poses a serious safety risk.

“We saw coats. We saw cat litter. We saw the dog food. We saw a lot of things in front of this furnace … if something happens to this furnace, it’s just waiting to catch fire, ”said Lesthaeghe.

These are incidents that local fire departments are used to.

“This is the time of year when we usually get a call … when people first turn on (stoves),” said Jason Simmons, chief of state for East Moline.

If improperly maintained, stoves can crack the heat exchanger or smoke tubes, which can release carbon monoxide into the air in your home.

“You should have a carbon monoxide detector at this level. You should have one on every level and where you sleep, ”Simmons says.

“Everyone somehow gets used to the fact that (an oven) just runs regularly and has no problems. So you should have it serviced annually. “

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