Faster Than Sound: The former Spider House Cafe has reopened as Tweedy’s: Led by the patio experts behind Kinda Tropical and Hotel Vegas – Music

Not Wilco: co-owner Brian Tweedy deserves the namesake of the Kinda Tropical team’s new bar (Photo by John Anderson)

Johnny Yakli was at a team meeting for Eastside Hangout Kind of tropical when he got the call that former Spider House Cafe building was present. Also co-founder of 13th floor Speaking of the bar’s original location, Yaklin recalls, “When I got back to the table, I was almost afraid to say it out loud because I knew right away these guys would say, ‘We’ll do this.'”

Two weeks later, Yaklin took over the lease with Tropical’s management team Hotel Las VegasJason McNeeley and Brian Tweetyalong with Yellow jacket social club‘s Amy Mullins and Shannon LeBoeuf. After a year working on the c.1995 campus hangout, with an eye on restoration rather than makeover, the team of Austin patio experts opened up two weeks ago. The new bar in 2908 Fruth is called Tweetys.

Before the official opening of the room, temporary opening hours are Monday to Friday from 6pm to 2am and Saturday and Sunday from 3pm to 2am.

“We jumped on that,” says Mullins. “We were afraid that another group would get it and turn it into a really sophisticated thing, and that’s not what Austin needs. We wanted to improve it, but not make it too different.”

The revamped building retains the dark wood interior paneling, while an extended new bar top opens up the former kitchen area. Snacks will be provided by the food truck, along with beers on tap and a wine and cocktail menu yet to be released Golden Tiger – who wants to set up on the large outdoor terrace this week. Zucchini Kill Bakery and Hello friend tattoo already opened in the renovated rear building.

“We’ve all been in town for a minute and we have our own personal history with the old spider house,” says Yaklin. “In general we want to honor the old space, be there for the students, be there for the neighborhood and also create a new cultural space that is very similar to what it was before – just without the asbestos in the roof.”

A new wooden fence runs around the property and blocks access to the neighboring music venue ballroomthe open-air stage. With separate licenses from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, which disallows the back and forth traffic of beverages, Tweedy’s operates adjacent to the Ballroom (formerly the Spider House Ballroom) at 2906 Fruth, which reopened last year under new ownership Arlos owner Chris Baker.

Tweedy’s property at 2908 Fruth was purchased by an Austin landowner Jimmy Nassur in February 2021. The sale followed turmoil in Spider House’s founding ownership Konrad Bejarano and John Dorgan. A 2018 timeline The cover story detailed the alleged sexual misconduct of Dorgan, who later sued the accusing former employee and Bejarano for defamation and defamation.

With new management that is sticking to its longstanding status as a daily hub UT Austin Students, Tweedy’s plans to eventually open daily from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. with coffee and tea offerings. For anyone worried about the patio’s lack of tchotchkes, Yaklin says the team intends to revitalize the outdoor space’s bohemian reputation. He says Bejarano already vacated the place after being closed during the pandemic.

“It’s part of the duty of keeping this space going,” says Yaklin. “We’re definitely here for them west campus Culture and its history – we don’t want to deny that [students] Access to this safe space to spend an entire afternoon studying and killing, getting a last-minute work together. Those are the memories people have of this place.”

Mullins says, “We just want everyone to feel welcome and part of the community.” They plan to eventually reintroduce events like Trivia Night. While Tweedy’s will not have a regular concert schedule, the bar plans to incorporate a music program consistent with the space’s history. They begin with bands playing at a grand opening inside in the coming weeks – surrounded by new decor made from vintage Austin concert posters as well as an enlarged photo of the velvet background‘s Sterling Morrison Leaving the former Guadalupe punk club Raul’s (shot by David C Fox).

The new bar represents a homecoming for McNeely and Tweedy, who helped establish the musical status of the Fruth Street property and formerly managed the cafe. The duo showcased their early-bird talents next door in the ballroom adorned with disco balls that marked the start United States Department of Arts and later known as 29th Street Ballroom. Both left the company in 2012 to run Hotel Vegas and later expanded it barracudaand now chess club.

“We’re just the current stewards of space,” says McNeely, stopping by during the interview.

Yaklin recalls, “When Jason and Brian were directing it in the aughts, I was here the most because that was the most active and fun era. So it’s full circle.” Among the five-person co-owning team, Tweedy deserves the namesake as the only Austinite native, as well as the only bartender with children. They also all agreed that it was simply the best name for a pub.

“We do a lot of this stuff, labor of love, trying to keep Austin Austin-y,” says Yaklin. “We’ve had so much success doing things the way we do them — that’s that crash-and-burn, 100-hour-week, asshole style — that we keep it going. We are a team now. We’ll probably do something else at some point.”

“For me, it’s always about the space,” adds Mullins. “It’s not like, ‘Hey, I want to open a new bar.’ When an amazing space opens up, you just see something in it.”

C3 supported Superstition Nightclub opens at Riverside & South Congress

The long-vacant site of the former male strip club La Barewhich was vacated in 2007 will reopen as a new nightclub called superstition. According to a press release last week, the 12,000-square-foot club will host “DJs and live performances with upscale bottle service and exclusive VIP rooms at the largest dance club in downtown Austin.” In addition to a Seventies theme featured in social media promotions, the club will also feature a smaller cocktail lounge and terrace the gold room.

The gray building at 110 East Riverside that previously featured a teasing mural Rolling Stones Dates in 2020, hosted various previous stores including a second iteration of the popular Sixth Street venue steamship, Sidekicks nightclub, escape club, Club XS, sunsetand Bad Dog Comedy Theater. The space has now been rented by prominent names in Austin’s entertainment industry NoCo hospitalitythe downtown bar Higher level and New Eastside Skinny’s off track bar.

The group is led by Karl Ferraro (co-owner of Hotel Las Vegas, Volstead Loungeand LoLo) and Paolo Soriano (Co-owner of Rainey’s Reina). The project also receives funding from Elevate Development Partner and C3 giftswho will exclusively book the club under the leadership of bobby tone. The talent booker previously told the news site axios The new venue will specialize in electronic music.

The press release doesn’t specify an opening date, but does suggest the venue will be ready for a preview this year. Besides superstition, ACL FixedThe creators of C3 Presents also recently launched a new two-day festival called Two level inn in Georgetown, Texas, following this year’s launch of FORMAT Festival in Arkansas.

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