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It’s no secret that dogs drool. Much. You might be drooling too cool off on a hot day or salivation when you expect a delicious bowl of croquettes.

But dog drool actually contains an weird superpower, as Twitter learned this week: it can turn your pup’s fur a bright shade of green.

“The story begins with a lot of drool” Stephanie Olson, an assistant professor in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at Purdue University, wrote in aviral twitter thread in this week.

Stephanie Olson explains the chemical reaction behind her dog’s new green coat.

Let’s go back and explain. On July 18, Olson a Twitter thread about a secret about her dog Olive:

I was alarmed when I found my dog ​​going GREEN overnight. I had no idea why. But it turned out that as an early Earth geochemist, I was perfectly prepared to find out!

In the following thread, Olson – who studies early Earth geochemistry – decided to use her scientific knowledge to solve the mystery of Olive’s new goblin coat. Her science endeavor intrigued the internet by talking to the strange science behind a dog’s sloppy drooling.

Can drool change a dog’s color?

In short: yes. As Olson explained, a chemical reaction between a dog’s saliva and its fur could change the color of its fur.

First thing you need to know: olive wore a dog conethat acts as a barrier to prevent dogs from scratching their wounds after surgery or while their injuries are healing.

But the cone had an unintended side effect, as Olson found out in the course of her Twitter analysis. While Olive slept, the cone held the dog’s excess saliva to its neck.

Contains human saliva Ferritin – a blood protein that doctors use to test for iron deficiency in human children. Likewise, as Olson explains, dog saliva also contains iron.

In particular, dogs have iron porphyrins, which are “iron-containing molecules that are produced when the body breaks down red blood cells”. according to Veterinarian Michael Fuchs. As Olson explains, when iron porphyrins interact with oxygen in the air, they can form rust-colored particles on a dog’s fur.

Olson: Dog saliva contains iron porphyrins. When it comes into contact with oxygen, the iron is oxidized to form iron oxide nanoparticles. Rust, essentially. Because of this, Olive and many other drooling dogs have rust-red spots on their mouths. “

Veterinarians refer to this rust-red effect as “Tear stains“Because porphyrins are often excreted through the dog’s tears, urine and saliva.

The dog cone, however, isolated Olive’s neck from the oxygen in the living room, which created a different – and greener – effect in the humid environment of the cone.

Has saliva many roles, including providing nutrients to oral bacteria. As Olson explains in the thread, bacteria in saliva used up the oxygen in the contained “neck swamp” created by the cone and turned Olive’s fur from red to a rare green rust Colour.

“And the discoloration along her neck went from rusty red on her chin to rusty green – both symptoms of the cone, thanks to the combination of her unusually humid environment around her neck and the continued isolation of oxygen in the air.”

In addition to transforming your pup’s fur, dog saliva also has a few other important functions, including anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists have analyzed Dog saliva To better understand dog diseases and health conditions.

What Can Cause Dogs To Turn Green?

Why do dogs turn green? You may be surprised by the answers. Getty

We’ve already learned how dog drooling can turn your pup into an adorable leprechaun in unique circumstances.

As it turns out, there are more common reasons why your dog’s fur might turn green. For example, if your dog enjoys swimming in pools, you may have noticed that their fur turns pale green. This is due to a chemical reaction between the dog’s fur and chemicals in the pool, similar to that of the green bleaching effect of chlorine on human hair. chlorine oxidized Copper in the pool, which then binds to proteins in hair or fur.

The American Kennel Club suggests Immediately after swimming, wash your dog’s fur with cold water to remove all pool chemicals. Veterinarians have found that oxidizing effects from other items, like metal dog tags, can cause dog hair to change color.

But on rare occasions, your dog can go green right from the womb. In July 2017, pet owner Louise Sutherland said CNN that one of her dog’s newborn pups had turned up with a shocking green coat.

Previous items suggest that this green glow is due to exposure to the anti-inflammatory molecule biliverdin, also known as green bile. Exposure to biliverdin while in the womb can sometimes turn the bright pups’ fur green.

Some medical studies have shown that biliverdin can work with green jaundice – Skin with a greenish tinge – but in humans other reports expose this idea.

When your pooch finally starts changing color, see a veterinarian for the safest way to clean the fur and bring it back to its usual shine.

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Turner & Hooch dog | What breed is Hooch and is he real? Wed, 21 Jul 2021 16:42:16 +0000

The unlikely duo Turner & Hooch start a new generation with a new sequel on Disney Plus that sees former teen star Josh Peck as the son of Tom Hanks’ character from the original film.

On a similar premise to the 1989 hit, Turner & Hooch sees buttoned-up U.S. Marshal Scott Turner Jr. inherit a recalcitrant dog similar to the one his father once worked with.

After initial hesitation, the two forge a close bond and effective working relationship, resolving cases, and discovering the truth about what happened to Turner Snr. happened closer.

Creating a 12-part television series is a bigger undertaking than a single feature film, with the team behind Turner & Hooch’s Incarnation 2021 enlisting the help of five dogs to make it happen.

Read on to find out all the details about Hooch in the Turner & Hooch series from Disney Plus.

What breed of dogs is Hooch in Turner and Hooch?

The dog in Turner & Hooch, both the 1989 original and 2021 successor, is a French mastiff, a muscular breed known for its strength that first gained popularity in the mid-19th century.

According to the American Kennel Club, a well behaved French Mastiff will be a “sweet and sensitive” one, but the website warns that if not properly trained at a young age, they can be “stubborn” or “dominate” their owners.

Stressing the importance of buying a French mastiff, also known as a Dogue de Bordeaux, from a responsible breeder, the PDSA estimates that the pet would cost around £ 17,000 (excluding purchase price) over its lifespan.

Unfortunately, French mastiffs don’t often live as long as certain other dog breeds, with Pets4Homes offering an average lifespan for the breed of five to six years because they are prone to heart disease.

Is the dog in Turner and Hooch real or is it CGI?

Josh Peck in Turner and Hooch (2021)

Make no mistake: Hooch is the real deal.

In the first film, the role was played by only one animal – the late Beasley the Dog – but the role is shared in the new version by five different French mastiffs, each with their own skills.

Arnie, Hammer, Opie, Cyd and Mimi are the names of the five canines in the series, which star Josh Peck gets to know very well during the course of the shoot.

“They are all talented in their own way. Opie was our older statesman, an older dog, so he had a cool manner. Hammer pulled my arm out of his pan because it only had one speed and that was always ‘Rip Josh through the scene’, ”said the former Drake & Josh star of the New York Post.

“And then there was Mimi, our only bitch who was our super specialist. When we needed a dog to jump high, we called them. It was like a team – you called in your specialist. “

In another interview with Diversity, Peck praised the way real dogs on set give the scenes in Turner & Hooch a sense of authenticity and unpredictability that he was happy to embrace.

“Dogs force you to get out of your plan and out of your comfort zone, which is really great for a guy like me who likes to play his scenes in the shower the night before,” he explained.

Turner and Hooch is streaming exclusively on Disney Plus. Are you looking for something else to look at? Check out more in our drama coverage or visit our TV guide to see what’s on tonight.

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Coexisting in harmony with wildlife: skunks Wed, 21 Jul 2021 12:03:21 +0000

As the landscape in Newtown and the surrounding cities continues to change, wild animals will be affected and try to adapt as best as possible to their new surroundings. This can mean a wide variety of wildlife will venture into areas they have never been to – backyards, trails, and busy roads – as they seek shelter or food.

Residents have close encounters so often that it is not uncommon for people to share photos of a bear examining their bird feeder or a bobcat traveling across an unfenced garden. Many also call the authorities to report wildlife that has been injured or accidentally poisoned by the roadside.

Summertime also means that many animals are more visible when out and about to gather food for their growing families.

In a perfect world, animals would know the limits of what land is preserved for them and what is inhabited by humans, but the reality is that these creatures are only doing their best to survive.

In this miniseries The Newtown Bee will consult animal experts to explain how to safely assist these animals remotely and what to do if you meet them in person.


The eastern striped skunk is the most common species of skunk in Connecticut and is known for its fluffy black fur. It also has a distinguishable white stripe that extends from the center of the forehead to the tail. The strip usually splits into two strips on the back.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) describes east-striped skunks with “a small head, small eyes, and a pointed snout. Their short legs and flat-footed gait make them waddle when they walk. Sharp teeth and long claws enable them to dig into earth or grass and tear apart rotten tree trunks in search of food. “

Skunks eat a hodgepodge of food, from insects and small mammals to plants and garbage.

As a result, they frequently visit people’s yards in search of leftover food from garbage cans that are not fully secured. They are also known to dig for larvae in lawns and to eat turtle or bird eggs on the ground.

Because skunks are primarily nocturnal, they are most active at night. But you can also be out and about during the day. Seeing them during the day doesn’t mean they are mad or that something is wrong with them. In spring they are more active during the day when they are looking for food for their babies.

Between late April and early June, skunks give birth to an average of six babies who are born blind and helpless. Babies’ eyes do not open until they are three weeks old and they only venture out with their mother from around seven weeks old. At this age they can spray.

What to do when spraying

Skunks belong to the mustelid family and produce a strong-smelling liquid from scent glands. Skunks spray the sticky, yellow liquid from glands on the side of their rectum as a defense mechanism when they feel provoked.

You can spray up to ten feet or more. However, before spraying, they usually stamp their feet and arch their tails as a warning.

“When faced with a skunk in this position, it is best to take a slow, calm retreat. A skunk’s spray is usually directed at the eyes and can cause temporary blindness and nausea. Rinsing the eyes with water helps restore vision, ”reports DEEP.

People often use tomato juice or diluted vinegar solutions to get rid of the odor from people, pets, and clothes.

If a pet is sprayed, DEEP recommends making a “skunk odor solution” from common household ingredients: “One liter of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of liquid soap. Mix the solution only when necessary. Soak your pet completely in the solution (do not get it in their eyes) and rinse them thoroughly with clean water. Your dog’s fur may have a slight, temporary discoloration (due to the peroxide). “

Dr. Emily Andersen, owner of ComfortABLE Critters Veterinary Care PLLC, says it’s pretty rare to be contacted about a skunk being sprayed by a skunk. Affair.”

However, in cases where a pet is sprayed on the face, especially the eyes and nose, pets may need to see a veterinarian.

“I would definitely recommend immediate medical treatment if they are sprayed in the eyes or if you notice them rubbing or squinting their eyes,” said Dr. Andersen.

In these cases, there may be inflammation or infection of the eyes or skin that needs an eye ointment or topical skin medication to dissolve it.

Dr. Andersen emphasizes: “Please never use eye medication without the direct supervision of a veterinarian!”

Because skunks are rabies vectors, a pet should receive immediate medical attention if there is any concern that it has been bitten.

To avoid health and safety issues caused by a pet being sprayed or bitten by a skunk, Dr. in a fenced garden) have a good memory and come when they are called. “

Common scenarios

Aside from being sprayed, another common scenario people face with skunks is that they can unknowingly wander into garages.

Wildlife in Crisis, a nonprofit nonprofit that cares for more than 5,000 injured and orphaned wildlife annually, recommends turning off all lights when a skunk wanders into a garage. Then make a trail out of cheese or canned cat food that leads out the door.

To make sure the skunk is gone, put a thick strip of flour over the entrance to see its tracks from the garage. Once the skunk can be confirmed to be out, close the door.

Also, skunks tend to fall into window shafts and are not very good at climbing to get out on their own.

Wildlife in Crisis suggests, if the window shaft is shallow enough, placing a wooden plank at a 45-degree angle for the skunk to walk up and out. The board needs something like chicken wire wrapped around it so that the skunk’s feet can grab it. To encourage them to walk, place a trail of cheese or cat food on the board.

Help for orphans or injured people

People can always call Newtown Animal Control Center directly at 203-426-6900 or Wildlife in Crisis at 203-544-9913 to report an animal in need of assistance. When leaving a message for assistance, people should provide a description of the animal and its whereabouts.

For more information on Wildlife in Crisis, visit or email

For a list of authorized rehabilitators (individuals and organizations) throughout Connecticut, visit

Pet owners within 20 miles of Bethel can contact Dr. Contact Andersen at 203-433-3418 for home calls.

Alissa Silber can be reached at

Eastern striped skunks are found in Connecticut and have a distinguishable white stripe that extends from the center of the forehead to the tail. The strip typically splits into two strips along its back. —Chane and Rhonda Cullen’s photos

Skunks can spray up to ten feet or more, but before spraying they usually stamp their feet and arch their tails as a warning.

This skunk – partially blind from missing an eye – was walking up a driveway in Newtown before accidentally stepping into a garage. Fortunately, the homeowner was kind enough to escort him safely out with a trash can and no one was sprayed.

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If you find a lost dog, these are the steps you should take Wed, 21 Jul 2021 10:00:56 +0000

If you’ve ever seen a dog all alone without an owner, you know the feeling creeping into your chest. It is a feeling of wanting to help, but not only can you protect the dog, but you can also help reunite him with his owner.

My family was driving home from vacation and while driving on Route 26 outside the Vestal Center, we saw a dog walking in the middle of the street. We stopped, turned on our warning lights and indicated that the traffic should stop so we could get the cute girl from the middle of the road to safety.

My husband put the dog in the front seat of our car with me while walking door to door to ring the doorbell and see if the dog belonged to anyone nearby. She didn’t.

It was a hot day and the poor bitch was panting so we knew we had to cool her down. We stopped at the nearest store and bought her a collar (she didn’t have one) and a leash (so we could take her for a walk), some food, and a few toys.

When we got the dog home, we gave her food and water, a bath and lots of petting. We knew she was missing someone somewhere, and while my son and I loved her, my husband went to work trying to find out who her owner was.

Many people get the wrong impression that you can keep a dog without a collar or tags without further questions. This is definitely not the case! In fact, most states have a law that requires people to officially report a dog that is found. Using some of the methods listed below, we were able to reunite the bitch with her owner just hours after finding her.

What to do when you find a lost dog

Check out these 50 fascinating facts about dogs:

LOOK: Here are 30 foods that are toxic to dogs

To prepare for a potential incident, always have your veterinarian’s phone number ready, along with an out-of-hours office hour to call in an emergency. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center also has a hotline that you can call (888) 426-4435 for advice.

However, despite all of these resources, the best cure for food poisoning is to prevent it in the first place. To give you an idea of ​​which foods can be dangerous to humans, Stacker has put together a slideshow of 30 common foods you should avoid. See if there is anything that surprises you.

LOOK: The least obedient breeds of dogs

STAY ON: See what 50 of America’s most “pupal” dog breeds look like as puppies

READ ON: Here are 6 foods from your barbecue evening that could harm your dog

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Kalispell youth soccer player recovering from a heart event Wed, 21 Jul 2021 07:05:23 +0000

Tucker Paul doesn’t remember the moments after his heart stopped beating. Now he has a device the size of a credit card in his chest, which ensures that he never forgets.

The 14-year-old Kalispell soccer player had just scored a goal at the three-blind reference tournament in Kalispell early in the morning of his team’s game on June 6 when he suddenly collapsed.

Paul’s next memory was waking up in the hospital surrounded by his family, unaware that a small group of medical professionals and the use of an automatic external defibrillator (AED) had saved his life.

Paul’s mother, former Kalispell Mayor Tammi Fisher, was sitting on the sidelines with her husband on that chilly Sunday morning when she saw a player “go down like a sack of potatoes” near the center line. Little did she know that her son had collapsed.

“I didn’t think it was Tucker at first. Nothing wrong with him. There’s never anything wrong with him,” recalled Fisher. “I thought he might have been hit in the head, but it wasn’t. When I got to his side, he was clearly gone. He was blue, without a pulse and completely lifeless. I couldn’t believe what I was doing saw.” . “

TRAVIS AND Jaimee Dorvall, both nurses at Logan Health Whitefish, were watching their son play a match on the adjacent field when they heard someone yell that a player was having a seizure.

“We turned to continue watching our game when we were yelling someone to call 911, so I ran over to see if I could help. When I got there, Tucker was gray and had no pulse,” said Jaimee Dorvall. “My first reaction was to call Travis because I know he knows CPR. Before I knew it, Travis was doing chest compressions.”

Logan Health’s sports coaches Amy Thoreson and Tracey Houser were in the medical tent a few hundred yards away when the call for help reached them.

Thoreson and the tournament director sped to the field on a golf cart while Houser began jogging the hundreds of yards to the crime scene.

When Thorseon got to the boy’s side, she immediately understood the gravity of the situation.

“I ran to Tucker and tried to take his pulse but couldn’t find one,” she said. “He was gasping for breath, so I immediately turned to Tracey and told her to get the AED.”

Houser quickly turned and sprinted back to the medical tent to retrieve the device while those around Paul continued to administer CPR.

Two shocks from the AED brought Paul’s heart back to normal, but he remained unconscious when an ambulance took him to Logan Health Medical Center.

ONE BATTERY Tests and time have yet to uncover the cause of the acute cardiac event that sent Tucker to the ground that day, but the internal cardiac defibrillator, or IED, inserted under the skin on the left side of his chest, remains ready to respond stand again.

For Tucker, the event was a surreal experience that left him with no memory between running back from the gate and waking up in the hospital surrounded by his family.

“I just don’t remember it at all,” he said. “I woke up when they told me what had happened and I just couldn’t believe it.”

While he was acquitted of continuing to play soccer and other contact sports, he has decided to embark on a new recreational path.

“My solution will be to play golf or something less active than football,” he said. “From now on I don’t want to take this risk anymore in contact sports.”

THE USAGE using the AED to save their son’s life was particularly effective for Fisher, whose Gap Fillers charity has made the devices available to local schools for several years.

“I had heard of AEDs, but I never really knew what they were doing until now,” she said. “I now know that having AEDs and knowing how to use them for both training and competition is vital for all of our schools and coaches.”

Fisher and Gap Fillers announced the purchase of four AEDs on June 8th, which were donated to Bigfork High School, where a football player collapsed and later died after the first day of practice in 2007.

In addition, the Logan Health Youth Development Program has approved the purchase of an additional 20 AED units to be placed in schools and youth sports programs in the area.

While Fisher says the family may never know what caused their son’s cardiac arrest, they’re just glad the coaches borrowed an AED from the Summit Medical Fitness Center to have on hand during the soccer tournament.

“It was crazy,” said Fisher. “There was no obvious cause, like a blow in the chest or anything like that. His EKG was normal when he was exercising and it was normal when he was hospitalized. His MRI was normal and they couldn’t find a heart muscle.” It was not a heart attack but a sudden cardiac death with no known cause.

“It’s scary as a parent,” she continued. “The lesson for me as a parent is that you need to be sure that you have an AED. You won’t always be lucky enough to have people knowledgeable about CPR. I think we will never know the cause and we have to accept that. We may not know why it happened, but we know the solution. I just urge parents with active children to be careful and know where the nearest AED is during an event. “

FOR BOTH Tucker and his mother are slowly returning to normal life. He’s back to his normal routine of waking up early to walk the family dog ​​and occasionally mow the lawn, but the IED in his chest will serve as a lifelong reminder of the day his heart stopped beating.

“I don’t think I fully understand the gravity and implications of the situation yet,” he admitted. “I woke up and felt no pain at all, so I just pretty much roll with it.”

Fisher said she looked for her son every 15 minutes after the traumatic event.

“I can walk for about an hour now,” said Fisher. “It reassures me to know that there is something else to protect the IED other than a floating mother.”

Reporter Jeremy Weber can be reached at 406-758-4446 or

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Community support helps fund an operation for a therapy dog ​​with a cancer dog Tue, 20 Jul 2021 21:20:00 +0000 The community came together and raised enough money to pay for Kennedy’s surgery in less than 6 days of being diagnosed with cancer.

TIFFIN, Ohio – Remember that Kennedy the therapy dog from Tiffin?

After a short drive to the Columbus area, Kennedy was dropped off for surgery at MedVet Tuesday.

After learning of his cancer diagnosis, caregivers used social media to ask the community, where Kennedy has served for 8 years, to pay for his treatment.

And the support came in droves, raising the money needed for the operation in less than 6 days.

“We have had great community support and we have even received money from various cities and states. We were very overwhelmed by the amount of support and positive thoughts and wishes for Kennedy,” said Trisha Eidt, School Counselor Grade 3-5 Class for schools in the city of Tiffin.

His supervisors say some community members held cake sales, lemonade stands, and even a flea market to participate.

Now, in addition to being ready for his vital operation, Kennedy has enough money to spare to influence others as well.

“We have a small cushion there for future treatments. And if that’s not necessary, we have future health care for Kennedy and for Ace and Cooper, our other dogs in our district, so we’re happy with that, ”said Suzanne Reinhart, a retired school counselor at TCS.

If all goes well, Kennedy should only need about 2 weeks of recovery time until he is fully back at the start of the coming school year.


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Find dog missing in Bangor after Big Rig Crash Tue, 20 Jul 2021 17:30:22 +0000

Authorities are asking people to look for a large fleeing poodle in Bangor today.

Trisha Bruen, Animal Control Officer for Bangor, says the dog named Rocket ran away from a truck last week. Its owner, a foreign driver, suffered a medical emergency on the highway and crashed the truck. In the chaos of the person’s care, the dog escaped the truck’s cab and drove away.

Bruen says Rocket is described as a “young brown and white Royal Standard Poodle with a short body and a large brown ‘afro'”. The dog was last seen walking along the area of ​​the mountain. Hope and Hogan Road in Bangor. She says if you see Rocket, don’t try to approach the dog or try to persuade him. It is best to report the location of the sighting to the dispatch department by calling Bangor Dispatch at 947-7384 and selecting option “0”.

“We are waiting for him to calm down and recover from his trauma and choose a person, home or business to approach. Previous sightings resulted in him running away from people through the forest to look for him. We need him to settle down and make his choice. At this point we will ask “the chosen” to provide food for him and inform Bangor Dispatch of the sighting. I will work with the lucky ones to set up a family, a feeding station and a camera to monitor the site. We want him to build trust and is either attracted at some point or at least stays long enough for the owner’s family to come and secure him. “

If you remember the Beaver case, the Alaskan Sled Dog, which was released from Bangor International Airport this spring, this is a great example of a dog being scared and evading capture because of being traumatized.

According to a report by WABI-TV, Rocket’s owner is in a Portland hospital to recover from the crash.

LOOK: The least obedient breeds of dogs

Check out these 50 fascinating facts about dogs:

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Whole Earth Farms Introduces Improved Recipes For Dogs | Industry news Tue, 20 Jul 2021 17:00:00 +0000

Whole earth farms, a brand within the Merrick pet care Portfolio, launches a range of new and improved wet and dry dog ​​food formulations developed with the company’s team of veterinarians and nutritionists. The updated packaging features pictures of the farm as well as real food photography to highlight the natural ingredients in each recipe. The new dry food bags also have a food pyramid designed to help pet parents better understand their dog’s nutritional needs.

Every Whole Earth Farms dog food recipe starts with a high quality protein such as real pork, beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, salmon or whitefish as the first ingredient and is made with field vegetables and fruits to ensure a balanced farm diet. With additional vitamins, minerals and nutrients, the balanced diet receives the seal of approval from veterinarians and nutrition experts.

“We use a mix of carrots, apples and flaxseed in our updated Whole Earth Farms recipes because this combination of ingredients is a great source of omega fatty acids that help dogs build strong immune systems and healthy skin and coat,” said Dr. RuthAnn Lobos, Senior Veterinarian at Merrick Pet Care. “Our updated formulas also provide guaranteed levels of glucosamine and chondroitin to support a dog’s healthy hips and other joints.”

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Bark & ​​Birch founds training academy Tue, 20 Jul 2021 14:29:22 +0000

Bark and Birch, which operates in the UK, Ireland, Portugal and the United States, launched its first ever training academy to “promote local dog training talent”.

The academies are run by a selection of the group’s head coaches who have been described as “some of the best talent in dog training in the country”.

At the start of the academies, the head coaches from Bark and Birch coach and train a number of candidates as part of a two-day program. Key competencies were imparted with support, training, advice and practical learning units.

Steve Lunn, Head Coach at Bark and Birch, said, “Promoting local dog trainers is incredibly important to us at Bark & ​​Birch as we continue to expand rapidly around the world.

“At Bark & ​​Birch, all of our trainers are supported by industry-leading professionals and some of the best ex-police / ex-military dog ​​trainers in the country. Our exciting new training academies work with the goal of delivering excellence and consistency around dog training and interactions with dogs and their owners. “

He added, “We want to share our best process and practices, and most importantly, get the owners, trainers and dogs where we want them to be!”

Additional Bark and Birch Dog Training Academies will be held in the UK and Ireland later this month to recruit trainers after graduating from the academy and earning their qualifications.

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My Pet Story: Lessons I Learned From My Dog Tue, 20 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Do you have an interesting story about your pet that you would like to share with your readers? Tell us in 600-800 words with three to four photos (file size approx. 1 MB).

Send your story to: with the subject ‘My Pet Story’. We reserve the right to process all submissions.

On March 8, 2008, my late father, who was Vice President of Parti Gerakan Malaysia, was fighting with his team in a neighborhood of Seremban when someone noticed a small puppy in a drain. She looked abandoned. They asked the neighborhood if it belonged to anyone, but no one knew who it belonged to.

As it was getting late in the day, he decided to bring the puppy home so we could adopt him. It was a surprise as we already had four dogs at this point, but I was still delighted to have an additional family member. She was named Scrappy after (cartoon character) Scooby-Doo’s nephew.

Scrappy was a fun-loving dog who was always ready for a good time. She was optimistic and loved being around. When my mother was doing the gardening, Scrappy would follow her through the garden. She looked forward to her occasional evening walks in the neighborhood and wouldn’t want to come back until she had explored every corner she wanted.

We got her some toys, and her favorite was a squeaky pink bone. She also enjoyed playing with her toys as she got older and was reluctant to share them with the other dogs. It became a routine to massage her and the other dogs after dinner.

Although we did not know their actual date of birth, we “celebrated” all of our dogs’ birthdays on March 8th. We ordered a cake from my aunt and bought her KFC.

Unfortunately, her health began to deteriorate in July 2019. I was worried and took her to the vet when she started coughing. She had an X-ray and the vet told me it didn’t show anything abnormal.

She was given antibiotics and other drugs. She recovered a few days later.

In September of that year she fell ill again and this time it was much worse. The vet informed me that she had late stage lung cancer and that treatment was not possible at that time.

I took her home where she spent her final days. She passed away in early October 2019.

Scrappy taught me a lot. She made it clear to me that it is important to also enjoy the little moments in life. She taught me the importance of optimism and not giving up until the end. Even when she was sick, she wouldn’t let that stop her from enjoying what she could during this time. She used every opportunity to explore new things and was curious.

I still miss her, but I’m sure she is much better now. We still miss her very much.

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