Find dog missing in Bangor after Big Rig Crash


Authorities are asking people to look for a large fleeing poodle in Bangor today.

Trisha Bruen, Animal Control Officer for Bangor, says the dog named Rocket ran away from a truck last week. Its owner, a foreign driver, suffered a medical emergency on the highway and crashed the truck. In the chaos of the person’s care, the dog escaped the truck’s cab and drove away.

Bruen says Rocket is described as a “young brown and white Royal Standard Poodle with a short body and a large brown ‘afro’”. The dog was last seen walking along the area of ​​the mountain. Hope and Hogan Road in Bangor. She says if you see Rocket, don’t try to approach the dog or try to persuade him. It is best to report the location of the sighting to the dispatch department by calling Bangor Dispatch at 947-7384 and selecting option “0â€.

“We are waiting for him to calm down and recover from his trauma and choose a person, home or business to approach. Previous sightings resulted in him running away from people through the forest to look for him. We need him to settle down and make his choice. At this point we will ask “the chosen” to provide food for him and inform Bangor Dispatch of the sighting. I will work with the lucky ones to set up a family, a feeding station and a camera to monitor the site. We want him to build trust and is either attracted at some point or at least stays long enough for the owner’s family to come and secure him. “

If you remember the Beaver case, the Alaskan Sled Dog, which was released from Bangor International Airport this spring, this is a great example of a dog being scared and evading capture because of being traumatized.

According to a report by WABI-TV, Rocket’s owner is in a Portland hospital to recover from the crash.

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