First home loan: discounts and discounts for young couples

First home loan: discounts and discounts for young couples

The benefits on the first home loan are provided to facilitate the purchase of the first home of many families and consist of benefits and tax deductions.

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The first house is in fact a very important value for Italians and national legislation recognizes its importance by favoring its purchase. The most common tool to find the necessary resources for the acquisition is the subscription of a mortgage with a bank or other credit institution: usually, the loan provides for the registration of a mortgage on the building subject of the loan, which constitutes a guarantee real for the bank.

Two categories of benefits can be distinguished for the purchase of a first home. The first concerns in general the first home, regardless of the forms of financing activated. In fact, some tax benefits are provided to facilitate access to this type of housing, starting with a reduction in the registration tax . This, will be equivalent to 2%, if the property was sold by a private seller, and 200 euros, if instead you buy directly from a construction company (the VAT in this case is however 4%). If instead the property to be purchased was a second home, the rates would be much higher. Furthermore, if you buy a first home, the mortgage tax and the cadastral tax will have the same value, equal to 50 euros each if you buy from a private individual, 200 if from a construction company.

The second category concerns the mortgage directly. In particular, it is possible to deduct the interest expense incurred on the loan, up to 19% of the amounts paid, without exceeding the maximum threshold of 4,000 euros: this means that the maximum deductible is equal to 760 euros. This facility is open to everyone, but there are also discounts and benefits aimed at certain categories, such as young people.

The benefits for the mortgage of the first home for young people depend on the particular offers of the bank or public guarantees aimed at favoring access to credit for this social category. Usually, in addition to benefiting from all the advantages described above, the benefits for young people include reduced guarantees and more flexible repayment methods, as well as the possibility of advantageous interest rates. Our advice is to always check carefully the offers for the first home promoted by the banks, to discover the most convenient.

Theresa Buckner