Folk bowling could be banned by law to get knocked down


Isn’t it sad when a building or a shop that has been there for so many years collapses? Or maybe it was a place that holds so many memories for you. You will hear the generation ahead of us telling us what used to be in a certain place or a company that has since developed into something else.

For me it’s the Depew Skating Rink. Everyone of my generation who grew up in the Lancaster, West Seneca, Cheektowaga area remembers this place. It was a huge ice rink and it was like we lived there on Friday and Saturday nights. If you walk by now, you will be the one who tells everyone, ‘That used to be a big ice rink there’. Now it’s a Strip Plaza (which, oddly enough, is still empty after a few years) on Transit Road by Depew High School.

The ice rink wasn’t a historic landmark, but another Buffalo store that many western New Yorkers have so many memories of is Voelker’s Bowling, which everyone thought was going to be demolished.

But not so fast.

Earlier this spring it looked like Voelker’s bowling was going to collapse as the owners, who are still in the Voelker family, quoted it as collapsing.

Now the Buffalo Preservation Board has voted to recommend the 124-year-old bowling alley to landmark status. What is the next step? The vote for Voelker’s would go to the Buffalo Common Council, and if it votes to keep it up, it cannot legally be put down.

The hands of the owners would then be tied.

What was a business or building that you have fond memories of and that no longer exists? Let us know and we’ll make a list on Facebook!

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