Fur baby afraid of fireworks? NH dog owners share tips and tricks


It’s hard to believe that July 4th is only a few days away. DANG! I feel like I’m blinking and it’s Labor Day Weekend. Slow down, summer! We like you. Stay a while

For dog owners, the fear could start around this time of year. The fourth is hard to look forward to when you know your precious fur baby will be in a constant state of panic!

Dogs are notoriously afraid of fireworks, and we have lots of them in New Hampshire! So what steps can you take to make the day a little more bearable for your puppy with sensitive ears?

I’ve collected some tips and tricks from the Friends of Hampton Beach NH Facebook group. I hope you find this helpful!

Call your vet a few days in advance (also known today) and talk about possible medications / sedatives

I’ve heard that Trazodone works wonders for many breeds!

If you prefer the more natural route ..

Rub pure natural lavender oil over your nose and mix it with a little olive oil

and the classic …

Close all the windows in your house and turn on the air conditioners and fans and, if necessary, the television and radio

Listen to our station! Our soothing voices and music are sure to calm your pup’s nerves!

Try “counter conditioning”

This comes from Don Dickson Jr. on Facebook. It’s an interesting technique that he SWORDS!

  • Play an mp3 (or youtube video) of fireworks, starting at a low volume
  • Gradually increase the volume and once your dog reacts, that will be his threshold
  • Turn the sound down until your dog is relaxed again
  • Slowly turn the volume up again and repeat the process. If you do this slowly, you will find that your dog’s threshold adjusts

Don emphasizes that this is not about torturing your dog, but about overcoming his fear. He said if you feel uncomfortable trying this on your own, seek advice from a trainer or behaviorist.

Invest in a pressure wrap or vest

I didn’t know this was a thing, but apparently they make tight fitting vests that put soothing pressure on your dog’s torso. It is recommended that you apply the pack for 20-30 minutes, remove for a similar amount of time, and then reapply for best results.

And finally, your dog’s favorite suggestion: Bribe him with treats

You will be distracted and happy like a bug in a carpet.

Here we go! Hope you found these suggestions helpful. If I miss any pro tips, please let us know in the comments!

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